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Becoming the Future Humans of a Thriving World



Welcome to EARTHwise Centre

Becoming the Future Humans of an emerging Planetary Civilization

Based on the wisdom of living systems, we founded EARTHwise Centre in 2015 to lead humanity toward thriving and living in harmony with our planet for generations. Living systems network, embody, and actualize the quantum potentials of the Universe through evolutionary capacities that make life possible, and thrivable. Through this process, Nature’s collective intelligence has emerged and evolved over billions of years.

We too are living systems. Yet modern societies are mostly driven by mechanistic systems that harm our thrivability by extracting from, instead of contributing to, NatureThe journey of becoming EARTHwise is about: 

  • Building a new and thriving planetary civilization;
  • Becoming net-positive to Nature as future humans of the emerging new era;
  • Learning how to operate and evolve as thriving living systems;
  • Empowering future Earth generations and honouring their rights and opportunities.

EARTHwise has grown into a vibrant global community for new forms organizations and net-positive tipping point solutions. We operate as a global education, research, design and leadership centre. 

  • Our services support individuals, teams, corporate and non-profit organizations, governments, networks, and communities. 
  • We accelerate implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by addressing the root causes of the sustainability crisis.
  • We serve as host and steward for the EARTHwise Constitution and our Partnership Alliance for a Planetary Civilization. As well as host and publisher for the Future Humans Trilogy and its courses.

EARTHwise Solutions apply the capacities of living systems for becoming net-positive to Nature. The diagram below describes our focal areas and how we apply our mission. 

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Our Partnership Alliance
EARTHwise Constitution
EARTHwise Game Plan

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Our Programs

EARTHwise Education for Thriving Organizations and People

Our EARTHwise programs guide you and your oganization through the world of living systems and support you to apply this profound wisdom to advance your life, your work, and our human societies. Our mission is to help you develop your future human capacities of the emerging new era by actualizing your unique potential and purpose in a whole systems way.

Our programs are for individuals, groups, and organizations, and include online courses (live and on-demand), education programs for schools, corporate trainings, workshops, quests, masterclasses, intensives, coaching classes, and psy-coaching combined with naturopathy.

Our online programs provide easy-access through our unique course portal with on-demand video and audio recordings, transformation practices, course resources, bonus videos, and value resources based on our research on systems change and design for regeneration and thrivability.

Our value commitment is guaranteed through our refund policy. All course revenue goes directly to financing our non-profit EARTHwise activities and projects.

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Monthly Coaching Classes

Join the monthly online Coaching Class with EARTHwise founder Dr. Anneloes Smitsman to actualize your potential and expand your capacities through her award-winning methods for human development and systems change. Each Class includes a specific teaching, transformation practice, and Q & A. You'll learn:

  • How to apply the science and cosmology of living systems to enhance your life, relationships, work, and leadership.
  • How to apply the Cosmic Compass and 5 Future Archetypes, as well as specific future human keys and tools to advance your life and positive impact. 
  • How to access and apply the quantum potentials of the Universe and imaginal states of consciousness for enhancing your transformative capacities.
  • How to develop your living systems capacities through our life-given powers of regulation, adaptation, regeneration, transformation, and creation. 
  • How to enter into higher states of consciousness by activating your future human potential of the emerging new era. 
  • And much more...
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Coaching & Psychotherapy

Book an online or in-person coaching, psychotherapy, or naturopathy session with EARTHwise co-founder Dr. Kurt Barnes. Based on his proven practices and techniques for personal and professional development, wellness optimisation, and relaxation. 

  • Learn how to achieve a state of calm and clarity during challenging times.
  • Enhance resourcefulness and learn how to access solutions and resolve problems. 
  • Improve your overall state of being by optimizing your body-mind functions. 
  • Transform (accumulated) stress and learn how to achieve your goals with greater ease and success.
  • Learn how to set achievable goals and develop the necessary skills to further your personal and professional development. 
  • Learn how to balance and relax yourself through proven techniques.
  • Transform negative reaction patterns and limiting behaviours.
  • And much more...

Our Publications

Future Humans Trilogy

Written as an allegory, the Future Humans Trilogy guides you through an experiential transformation journey that weaves together real-life events that are at the forefront of what's happening in our world right now, with cutting-edge insights from the new sciences, indigenous wisdom, and consciousness teachings for discovering the greater possibilities of our future becoming.

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The Quest of Rose

The Quest of Rose: The Cosmic Keys of Our Future Becoming is book 1 of the Future Humans Trilogy, and a Winner of the 2022 Silver Nautilus Book Award in the category of Personal Growth, and a #1 Amazon Bestseller. Join the future humans in this life-changing journey through Rose’s quest. Hospitalized with COVID-19, Rose a young woman in her mid-twenties, slips beyond the veils of death and discovers the hidden Cosmic architecture of the Universe and how to apply this for the transformation of her life and our world. Praised by many luminaries as: "a masterpiece", "epic and unlike any other", "one of the most important books of our catalytic time", and "a true gift to humanity."

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Return of the Avatars

Return of the Avatars: The Cosmic Architect Tools of Our Future Becoming is book 2 of the Future Humans Trilogy, and a Winner of the 2023 Gold Nautilus Award, and a #1 Amazon Bestseller. Join the future humans in this spell-breaking, soul-stirring adventure as they explore essential lessons about power, unity, ego, shadow, hope, courage, and love. You’ll discover together with Rose and her friends how to decode the systems and agendas of the economics of domination and the governance of disunity. Praised by Deepak Chopra, M.D. as a "prophetic book", Return of the Avatars addresses the key issues of our time in ways that empower our future human potential of the emerging new era.

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The New Paradigm in Politics

The New Paradigm in Politics by co-editors and co-authors Anneloes Smitsman and Alexander Laszlo and the book's series editor, Ervin Laszlo, provides an exploration of the necessary transformation of our contemporary political systems and practices. In August 2021 The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research hosted an online Global Symposium titled “The New Paradigm in Politics.” This book summarizes the presentations of the symposium's participants and brings together the key ideas and practices of 35 world-renowned thought leaders.

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r3.0 Educational Transformation Blueprint

Anneloes Smitsman serves as the lead author of the r3.0 Educational Transformation Blueprint with 7 Transformative Learning Perspectives for Regeneration and Thrivbability, published by r3.0. The purpose for this Blueprint is to inspire, catalyze, and support a much needed shift in the role and focus of education towards developing our transformative capacities for regeneration and thrivability. 

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Into the Heart of Systems Change

This groundbreaking Ph.D. dissertation by Dr Anneloes Smitsman, provides the scientific foundations for our projects, strategies, system designs, and transformation programs. Learn about the cosmology and evolutionary principles of living systems and how this forms the foundation for regeneration and thrivability. Learn about the informational dynamics of living systems and how to apply this to systemic transformation.

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Love Letters from Mother Earth

The Amazon Bestseller Love Letters from Mother Earth – The Promise of a New Beginning by Dr Anneloes Smitsman is based on her conversations with our Earth as a Mother. Through these 13 Letters we discover who we are from a planetary perspective and receive the wisdom from Mother Earth for this challenging time. Serves as the inspiration for The Earth Song project and is available as a musical narration with soundtracks by Alan Howarth through Messages from Mother Earth.

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Messages from Mother Earth

Messages from Mother Earth is a unique audio experience for entering into unity with Mother Earth and Her wisdom. The Love Letters from Mother Earth are now evolving into this musical spoken word version, where each Message carries you to the beauty and wisdom of life within you, carried by the voice of Mother Earth. Coming home to who we are beyond this time and place. Created and spoken by Anneloes with music composed and produced by Alan Howarth. The music is tuned to an A note of 424 cycles (Hz), which is the natural resonance of the heart.

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Tipping Point Conversations for a World that Works

The Future Normals Webinar Series

This transformational on-demand webinar series resulted from a unique collaboration between EARTHwise Centre and r3.0. The webinar took place at the beginning of the Covid crisis, in 2020. Addressing how dualistically polarized systems are incapable of guiding us through crisis situations. Dynamics such as “economic gain versus health priorities”, “climate priorities versus business interests”, “state safety versus individual freedom”, and so forth, divide our societies and resources for the urgent actions required.

The “Future Normals” webinars explore the necessary transition pathways to get us out of dualistic argumentation and old unsustainable normals. offering a Third Way approach for moving out of the crisis.

Available on-demand via our online library


EARTHwise Storytelling 

Listen to this interview by Deepak Chopra with Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston about their book The Quest of Rose. And learn about the world of living systems from Anneloes in this brief video, and why this knowledge is so important for societal transformations. You can also explore our online library via the button below, with many inspirational articles from our team and community.


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