Our Projects

Developing Evolutionary Systems, Cultures, and Capacities for a Thrivable World 

Design for Economies of Life  

Our current economic systems are not regenerative and are designed for exponential growth leading to collapse. Solving our climate emergency requires a fundamental shift in the way we design, evolve, and grow our economic systems and cultures.  

EARTHwise Centre provides research, education, and system design for regenerative economics of thrivable civilizations, together with its partner r3.0, SEEDS, Hypha, and other organizations. This research also includes the development and implementation of our Value Currencies™ methodology for whole systems value creation. 

Thrivability Education 

Our Thrivability Education courses & projects are for people from all generations, and in particular Youth, to learn how to become Custodians for a Thrivable world and future. Our courses are for schools, businesses, and communities. We trained over 300 teachers and reached more than 20,000 students in Mauritius since 2012. Our courses include learning: the fundamentals for ecological sustainability, eco-systemic health, climate change mitigation & adaptation, biodiversity protection, eco-systemic governance, ecological food security, zero-waste principles, permaculture and regenerative design principles, social innovation, eco-social entrepreneurship, collective and intuitive intelligence, whole-Self development, peace-building, healing & reconciliation, law and governance for thrivability, creativity and innovation, how to connect and listen to the Spirit of the Land and honour the original Custodians, traditional Wisdoms, Vision development, and learning how to Love each other and our Earth from wholeness & with respect for the Unity in our Diversity. 


Indigenous Stewardship

Together with Four Worlds International Institute (FWII), SINE, and our other partners we apply the Sixteen Indigenous Guiding Principles for Developing a Sustainable, Harmonious and Prosperous World. 

Starting from within, working in a Circle,

in a Sacred manner,

we Heal and Develop Ourselves,

our Relationships and Our World.

As a Global Community we coordinate online Gatherings, Talking Circles, and Webinars that support the FWII-led Indigenous Unifying Movements, including "Healing Ourselves & Future Generations - Counting Coup on Sexual Abuse, Rape and Incest."

Cultural & Indigenous Heritage 

Many people today grow up without a sense of roots and belonging. Cultural and ancestral heritage education is essential for the development of regenerative and thrivable cultures that are rooted in ecological consciousness.

We have worked extensively in Mauritius to help raise awareness about the cultural and ancestral heritage of the Maroons and their vital role in the fight against slavery and oppression. Since 2007 we have been directly involved in the Le Morne Cultural Heritage (LMCL) process by documenting the Maroon Oral History and providing critical input for the inscription of LMCL as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Learn more about this through the following articles:

  1. A Trilogy – 1. The Fall & the Maroon Queen
  2. A Trilogy – 2. Lost in Paradise, the Maroon Quest



Climate Change Advocacy 

Our Climate Change Advocacy projects catalyze concrete actions based on our Planetary Health Indigenous Wisdom principles and facilitation of the underlying consciousness shift. Through our advocacy work we have also been providing key strategic and legal advice for movement building and leveraging for Transformational Change for Thrivability. Through our Climate Change Education projects we have been supporting schools and businesses to become solutionaries for stoping runaway climate change and the eco-genocide. 

Responding to runaway Climate Change

A Feminine Perspective on Climate Change

Become a Vector of Love

Anneloes Smitsman explains during this TEDx talk how Love can provide a Solution for OUR WORLD. Explore how you can become a Vector of Love through the 3 questions she raises: 

  1. What do I reach from – what is my point of origin?
  2. How far can I reach inside and outside myself – what is the magnitude of my reach?
  3. What am I reaching for & to – what is the direction of my reach?

The Vector of Love methodology is also applied in our EARTHwise peace-building and reconciliation initiatives. 


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