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Empowering Humanity for a Thrivable World


Creating Real-World Impact through Gaming

With over 3 billion gamers worldwide, and the majority of them young adults, we have a tremendous opportunity AND responsibility to harness the power of gaming for positive impact. Critical planetary tipping points are now in motion that will impact all of our lives. 

The sustainability crisis is the result of harmful ‘Moloch game dynamics’ that drive people and institutions to sacrifice our future by undermining the conditions for long-term collective wellbeing. Moloch Artificial Intelligences make the above exponentially and existentially worse. Moloch, an ancient Canaanite god who thrived on child sacrifices, symbolizes the self-destructive behaviors of mainstream systems and institutions that sacrifice long-term collective wellbeing for short-term personal gain. To solve our sustainability crisis we need to:

  1. Create safe and benevolent Artificial Intelligences that are designed and trained to assist humanity in shifting this existential crisis.
  2. Transform the Moloch game dynamics of the systems and institutions that are driving our world to collapse.
  3. Empower younger generations for a thrivable world as the future planetary stewards

We are developing the EARTHwise Game to create benevolent AI capabilities for assisting humanity in the transformations for a thrivable world and future, by:

  • Creating cutting-edge gaming technologies with benevolent AI integrations and decentralized governance tools for co-stewarding and continually pioneering the models and technologies for a thriving planetary civilization.
  • Our game serves as the Trojan Horse for developing Artificial Intelligences that can counteract the kinds of AI capabilities that could pose an existential risk for human survival.
  • Designed to create real-life transformative impact through immersive game experiences, collaborative quests, new evolutionary intelligences, new paradigm governance tools, game simulations, and in-game economies that reward actions for collective thriving.
  • Benevolent AI characters that are trained for collaborative problem solving and bias for long-term collective wellbeing. 
  • Includes an in-game NPC Compass AI that is based on the EARTHwise Constitution for a planetary civilization.
  • Developed through an Ecosystem of for-profit and non-profit entities that co-steward for a thriving planetary civilization.

 The game is guided by the values and living systems principles of the EARTHwise Constitution for a Planetary Civilization. Offering a unique experience that merges virtual and real-life quests, so that your actions within the game will create positive impact in the real world.

We are currently developing the first basic prototype for this game, in collaboration with our partners SingularityNETVMO, and HyphaBy supporting this game with a donation to our nonprofit company, EARTHwise Centre, you become an integral part of our mission to push the boundaries of what gaming can and must achieve. Your support is crucial: donate today to our crowdfunding campaign.

Dr. Ben Goertzel

World renowned AI Scientist, Founder & CEO of SingularityNET

“The EARTHwise game is one of very few concrete projects around that seems to me to have a real chance of yielding deep insight regarding the situation we humans now find ourselves in, and helping us pull our cognitive and emotional resources together toward crafting workable, innovative solutions.   It is amazing to be at a point in the development of technology when such creative constructs at the intersection of gaming, simulation, AI and governance experimentation can actually be brought into being rather than existing purely in the domain of imagination and daydreams.   This is precisely the sort of experimentation in the beneficial decentralized software arena that we hoped to foster when we founded SingularityNET." 

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The Game Mythos

Transforming the Tragedy of Moloch


The EARTHwise Game unfolds as an epic adventure to win back our worlds and humanity from the Moloch Operating Systems (MOS) that are bringing our world to the brink of collapse. In the game, the MOS are coded from a mechanical timeline that trap our human evolution. By playing by the time and rules of Moloch we eventually cause our own extinction. Divisions, escalating violence, and worsening resource scarcities are the first symptoms that the time of collapse is nearing.

The ultimate goal is to transform the Moloch extinction game by becoming planetary stewards for our world and future, guided by the governance principles of the EARTHwise Constitution and Pledges for a Planetary CivilizationTo succeed you and your team will have to play by the powers of the 5 Future Archetypes, which in this game are the:

  1. Quantum Coders of the New Era. 
  2. Future Wizards of the Imaginal Realm. 
  3. Evolutionary Alchemists of World Transformation. 
  4. Pattern Weavers of New Possibilities.
  5. Story Spellers of New Legends.

They are tasked as guardians for the shift of eras, so that together you become the upgrade code to shift our worlds from collapse to collective thriving.The game mythos is about the quest of the future humans for building a new civilization where humans can thrive in harmony with nature, and live the promise of our greater human potential. It is based on our award-winning #1 Amazon bestsellers of the Future Humans Trilogy, written by Dr. Anneloes Smitsman and Dr. Jean Houston. 

Book 1, The Quest of Rose is a Winner of the prestigious 2022 Silver Nautilus Book Award, and book 2, Return of the Avatars is a Winner of the 2023 Gold Nautilus Award for books that profoundly make a difference and inspire positive futures. We are currently writing book 3, which will be about The Great Game that changes how we play the game of life on planet Earth.

The EARTHwise Game builds on the stories of the Future Humans Trilogy, while expanding it further to a wider audience by including many new characters and story elements that make this game engaging, fun, and adventurous for all generations.

Transforming the Moloch Extinction Game

As you enter the game, the magus Verdandi awaits you. You'll find yourself in a dying world, teetering on the edge of collapse. Vital planetary systems are faltering, and dangerous planetary and social tipping points are in motion.

"Thank you for joining the quest for the survival of humanity and the healing of our planet. The World Tree of Life is suffering terribly and can no longer provide the balance necessary to sustain humanity’s future and the countless other species who depend on Her. We are in great danger. If we fail to act, our future will be sacrificed by Moloch Artificial Intelligences and algorithms. We must not fail. Earth needs you. Humanity needs you. You will not be facing these challenges alone. Teams are gathering from around the world to join you in this epic battle to transform the Moloch extinctions game. Five guardians of the New Era have been tasked to empower you for this battle. Their powers will become yours as you progress through the game quests. It won’t be easy. Many have tried before, yet fallen under the control of Moloch. Only together can you become the upgrade code that can bring forth the promised New Era." 

The images on this page have been created with the assistance of generative AI to provide a glimpse of the immersive game experiences that await. Donate today to help us continue the prototype development for this unique transformative game for real-world positive impact.

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The Unique Features of the EARTHwise Game

Game Quests

The game Quests unfold as a thrilling adventure to upgrade the harmful Moloch Operating Systems and their extinction time-line programmed by the Moloch clock. The mission: to restore the Tree of Life so that the promised New Era can take effect, and can begin to build the new civilizations in partnership with Nature and the powers of the 5 Future Archetypes. The quests unfold through playground and open-world immersive experiences  for exploring the future possibilities of a more advanced humanity. Inspiring you to discover essential insights from the intersections of: quantum and evolutionary sciences, AI and AGI, digital innovation and technology, biomimicry, indigenous stewardship, evolutionary learning, climate change solutions, regenerative economics, alchemy,  healing, martial arts, personal transformation, new paradigm governance, and much more. 

Systemic Transformation 

As you enter the game you find yourself in a world dominated by Moloch game dynamics that lead to collapse. To transform this you'll have to play the game of life for collective thriving. As a first step you'll need to locate and upgrade the  hidden Moloch Operating Systems (MOS) of the Moloch extinction game. You can only upgrade these by playing with, and combining, the powers of the 5 Future Archetypes of the New Era. Through the open-world immersive journeys you'll be able to team-up in the Game Guilds and villages for exploring amazing new futures that become possible by taking our next evolutionary leap together. The game is designed to provide gamers with an experiential understanding of the dominant game dynamics that are at the root of humanity's sustainability crisis, and how to change this through by evolving our consciousness and partnering life, our planet, and the Universe.

Transformative Technologies

The game is developed through breakthrough new technologies that make it possible to create unique immersive and interactive game experiences. The game enables us to develop and train benevolent Artificial Intelligences for real-life applications that can assist humanity through the poly-crisis, in collaboration with SingularityNET and VMO. AI characters in gameplay will also provide user-generated content tools, social generative AI features, and AI Metaverse functionalities. The data generated from the game will support the further development of the Sophia AI and the SophiaVerse. Furthermore, the game will offer unique DAO tools through our partnership with Hypha for collective-decision making. A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization designed to utilize  collective intelligence through new types of collaborative structures, tools, and tokens based on blockchain technologies. 

Game Studios

The game will be developed with Studio features that offer innovation tools for players to create real-world solutions that address the climate and sustainability crisis with altruistic wallets and resources. The Studio features will also include artist tools with meeting rooms and social-media integrations for building, sharing, and aligning their campaigns for greatest positive impact. One of the game challenges includes the making of Earth Songs, which is our project for applying the power of music to shift collective consciousness and unite in solidarity with Mother Earth. Furthermore, studio tools will provide access to practices that can shift and enhance consciousness, accelerate our evolutionary development, and help develop our future human capacities for the emerging new era. 

Game Economies

The in-game economies will reward and support players to collaborate for collective thriving. The game economies will be developed on blockchain technology, which enables integration of GameFi Web3-based solutions. The in-game token will be integrated within the SingularityNET AGIX token. The in-game economies are designed to be decentralized and self-organizing, which means that the game currency for these economies is based on a dynamic unit of account. This will be achieved by building a utility function around a regenerative capital model, which allows the protocol to self-price on a continuous basis and enable the game currency token to represent the economic health of the game ecosystem  

Game Communities

The game community spaces will support players to team-up through real-life interaction for social sharing and fun, as well as for solving game quests, building community, greening their cities and habitats, and creating social campaigns together. Side-worlds within the game will enable players to build their own habitats, tools, and ventures through user-generated content tools that enable users to create their own game experiences. As such providing players with the opportunity to enjoy the game worlds with their friends. The user-generated content features can eventually also enable users to create their own games, characters, and adjacent virtual worlds.

Empowering Real-life Solutions for Our World and Planet

The EARTHwise Game is designed to empower the millions of people and conscious enterprises who want to act for our planet and future wellbeing for real-life transformative impact:

  • UN SDGs Implementation: Supports successful implementation of the UN SDGs within planetary boundaries by empowering players to develop sustainability solutions that are regenerative and thrivable by design. Our SDG approach is integral, ecosystemic, contextual (sustainability targets linked to thresholds and allocations), and multicapital-based.
  • Climate & Biodiversity Actions: Game quests address climate change and biodiversity issues, while our AIs analyze and simulate sustainability scenarios and stimulate ecological behaviors. By understanding complex ecosystems and their interdependencies, players become better equipped to make eco-conscious decisions in the real world, driving positive change for the planet.
  • Systemic Sustainability Guidance: LIFEwise AI acts as an Evolutionary Guidance System that offers integrated insights from sustainability frameworks and generational research, fostering comprehensive and ethical decision-making for long-term collective wellbeing and planetary thrivability.
  • Economies for Collective Thriving: Our approach promotes regenerative economic models within our game ecosystems. In-game token economies incentivize collaborative and sustainable practices, fostering regenerative economic growth. The AI-driven insights from player interactions also provide valuable data for businesses and organizations seeking to transition to regenerative practices in the real world.
  • Ethical Technology Solutions: As leaders for systemic transformation, we set higher standards for ethical technology solutions that serve humanity's evolution in harmony with our planet. By incorporating ethical principles into AI development, gaming, and governance, we contribute to a future where technology aligns with ethical standards, ensuring the wellbeing of all.
  • Gens Y & Z & Social Innovation: By providing a platform for direct input and experimentation with governance models, economic designs, and immersive experiences, we encourage younger generations to actively shape the future. This fosters social innovation, leadership development, and a sense of responsibility, preparing Gens Y & Z to become the future leaders for a thrivable world they believe in.
  • Human Development: We prioritize transformative human development at every level. From personal growth through gameplay to collective development through societal innovation. By nurturing wisdom-based intelligences, we contribute to a more conscious, empathetic, and ethical society for the maturation of our species in harmony with Nature.
  • Prosperity for Thriving Futures: The game encourages players to invest in the future of a thriving planetary civilization by creating inclusive wealth and prosperity for humanity, our planet, and future generations. Part of the game profits will be allocated to finance tipping point solutions from players, as well as support for indigenous communities and younger generations through a future EARTHwise Fund.

Crowdfunding to shift the Economic Game

The game dynamics of Moloch are real, and undermine our collective thrivability and long-term wellbeing. These are the dominant game dynamics of our mainstream economic, financial, and political systems. This project is about so much more than creating a game to entertain or raise environmental awareness

This transformative game enables us to train and develop benevolent Artificial Intelligences for assisting humanity in the transformations for a thrivable world and future. Furthermore, through the game environment we are purposefully building the new economies, technologies, and governance systems that can form the tipping point solutions for addressing the greatest challenges of our time. By supporting our crowdfunding campaign you directly contribute to existential solutions for our world and future. Help us achieve our first target for raising USD$333K. 

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 Building the EARTHwise Game Together

Shifting how we play the game of life on Planet Earth


Milestones and Next Steps..

We aim to raise USD$333K by December 21st 2023 for developing the first basic game prototype, game assets, and initial AI capabilities. After launching the Alpha prototype phase, we'll expand the game environments and features. We promise to keep you informed and involved to ensure this truly does become the kind of game we've all been waiting for.

Special Rewards for Your Support

We will honor everyone who has been supporting us, irrespective of the amount you choose to donate. Below is an overview of the various gifts we offer to reciprocate your support. Please consider donating via monthly or yearly subscriptions for providing sustained support. Thank you!!

Exclusive Live Event 

Everyone who makes a donation, irrespective the amount, will receive a personal invite for attending an exclusive live online event to meet with the creators of the game mythos, receive a transformation practice, and provide early input in the game development.

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NFT Guardian Pack

Donate USD$50 or more, and receive 1 NFT Guardian Pack with beautifully designed Guardian Cards that will be valuable throughout the different game stages. Guardian Cards also provide access to small quests, and provide inspiration through essential life wisdom. 

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NFT Treasure Box

Donate USD$200 or more, and receive all previous gifts + a game Treasure Box that will contain a random selection of in-game utility assets and NFT card packs with varying powers and rarities, and some core liquidity tokens. The packs will be unlocked on International Peace Day, on the 21st September 2023 when the assets can be claimed by all Treasure Box owners.

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Premium Access to the Alpha Launch

Donate USD$1000 or more, and receive all previous gifts + premium access to the Alpha launch of the game. You'll be the first to experience the Alpha version of the immersive open-world action-game. Plus we'll keep you involved during the various stages of the game development with exclusive sneak-previews.

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EARTHwise Centre Ltd is a CSR registered non-profit company based in Mauritius, and operating globally (BRN C15131982 | NCSRF/2018/0005). Depending on your jurisdiction, donations to EARTHwise Centre, for the game development, can be accounted for as a tax-deductible expense. Please check with your accountant/tax advisor concerning the particulars for your country. Donation receipts are issued automatically through our crowdfunding platform. The EARTHwise Game is our fiscally sponsored tipping point initiative.

Based on the EARTHwise Constitution for a Planetary Civilization

Our Compass for creating game-shifting solutions for collective thriving

On the Solstice day of 21 December 2022, we launched the EARTHwise Constitution for a Planetary Civilization, which opens with Our Promise:

"We, as future ancestors of a planetary civilization, commit to co-creating thrivable worlds and futures with the wisdom of living systems, in partnership with life and our Earth."

The EARTHwise Constitution serves as a new kind of social contract for co-creating a thriving planetary civilization in loving partnership with our Earth.

It is open-source and freely available for you to work with, adjust, and even evolve into a constitution for your life, project, organization, or movement.

It includes a collective vision, evolutionary principles, future archetype codes, unifying values, living systems protocols, and shared commitments for a thriving planetary civilization.

Endorsed by 44+ organizations and thousands of people from around the world.

Serves as an evolutionary framework for collective action. 

This Constitution has been co-created with full appreciation for, and in support of, the myriad of other constitutions, charters, codexes, and covenants that serve a similar purpose. Furthermore, it aligns with and fully endorses the 16 Indigenous Guiding Principles by Four Worlds International Institute, and the  Unitive Narrative that has been drafted by members of the SDG Thought Leaders Synergy Circle of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle

Visit the EARTHwise Constitution

Meet Who is Involved...

Technical Partners for Developing the Game

SingularityNET is the lead strategic and technical partner for the EARTHwise Game. Supporting the integration of the AI game components for immersive gaming experiences with user-generated content tools, AI characters in gameplay, and social generative AI features. The unique player generated data from the EARTHwise game will support the further development of the Sophia AI and the Sophia AI Metaverse.

SingularityNET is the world’s leading decentralized AI Platform and hosts a fully-fledged AI ecosystem with a rich community all working toward the global distribution of AI. It is the first and only decentralized platform that will allow AIs to cooperate and coordinate at scale, while enabling anyone to assemble custom AI processes from a global network of AI algorithms, services, and agents.

VMO is currently developing the basic game prototype, including the first NFT Card packs and Treasure boxes. They are a technology and IT services provider based in Vietnam, with representative offices located around the world, including in San Jose, California via VMO America. VMO is a leading innovator in AI, IoT, Blockchain, and other cutting-edge technologies that adherence to global high quality standards. They have extensive experience in developing Web3, Metaverse, AR/VR, Casual and RPG Games.

Hypha DAO is supporting the DAO features of the game that will provide players with tools for collective-decision making and exploring various governance styles for collective stewardship. The Hypha DAO tools have also been used to create the EARTHwise DAO, which serves as the collaborative platform for the game development and deployment. Hypha is an industry leader for providing decentralized web3 governance solutions for solving the massive coordination challenges of the increasingly complex human worlds.

EARTHwise Game: Core Team

Building the EARTHwise Game is a whole team effort. The people below form part of the core-team for stewarding and leading the development of the game. Many more teams are forming, which are joining through the EARTHwise DAO.

Anneloes Smitsman


Dr. Anneloes Smitsman, Ph.D., LLM, is the founder and CEO of EARTHwise Centre. She is a futurist, systems scientist, entrepreneur, award-winning pioneer in human development and systems change, and award-winning bestselling author. She is the lead architect and initiator of the EARTHwise Constitution and Game. She is the co-author of the award-winning bestsellers of the Future Humans Trilogy, which has inspired the creation for the EARTHwise Game.



This game exists because of the valuable creative inputs of  the young  bright minds who are supporting the game creation with their feedback and genius. It all began with Manu, the teenage son of Anneloes, who contributed to the character Olaf; a teenage gam coder in the Future Humans Trilogy. As well as his older brother Akash, who too is an active gamer and provides essential input. There are many more amazing youth creatives who are contributing from our community and we thank them all.  

Kurt Barnes


Dr. Kurt BarnesND, DEA, is a co-founder and Chair of EARTHwise Centre. He is a senior psy-coach and psycho-social expert with extensive expertise in working with individuals and organizations from all levels of society in Mauritius and internationally. He is also a registered Naturopathic Physician and applies this with his specialisation in psychology, psychotherapy, and biofeedback. 

Mariana Bozesan


Dr. Mariana Bozesan, Ph.D., MS, MATS, is AI pioneer and veteran, award-winning integral investor, serial tech entrepreneur. Co-founder and General Manager of AQAL Capital GmbH and President of AQAL Foundation. She is also the architect of Integral Investing and is leveraging exponentially growing technologies to accelerate SDGs implementation within Planetary Boundaries. Full member of the Club of Rome and Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science. 

Justine Page


Justine Page is a co-founder of EARTHwise Centre, and a consultant, coach, facilitator, and public speaker with over 20 years of multinational and multicultural experience in marketing, branding and personal development. Her passion is transforming individuals and companies from the inside-out. She is a former executive at one of the world leading advertising and marketing company in New York.

Alexander Laszlo


Dr. Alexander LaszloPh.D. is a co-founding member of EARTHwise Centre, President of the Board of Directors of the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science (BCSSS), Director of Research at the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research (LINPR), Co-Founder and Global Collaborator of Global Education Futures (GEF), and Founding Member of the Board of Directors of the Social Systems Foundation (SSF LLC.). 

Alison Wooding


Alison Wooding is a consultant, coach, conscious business pioneer and marketing communications specialist. Co-Founder of two businesses specialised in Systemic Intelligence. Loving disruptor of ‘business as usual’, supporting & co-creating Future Organisations. Committed to deploying marketing, development and communications skills in the service of life and living systems: serving the leaders, organisations and projects that are here to make a positive, conscious impact.

EARTHwise Game: Advisors

We are grateful for the guidance and valuable support of our advisors

Dr Ben Goertzel

World renowned AI Scientist, entrepreneur, author.  Founder and CEO of SingularityNET, and leads the OpenCog Foundation, and the AGI Society. Chief Scientist of robotics firm Hanson Robotics, led the software team behind the Sophia robot. Chief AI Scientist of Awakening Health.

Jean Houston, Ph.D.

World renowned award-winning scholar, author, and researcher in human capacities, social change, and systemic transformation. She is one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement and one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time. Co-author, Future Humans Trilogy,

Lynne Twist

Global visionary leader committed to alleviating poverty, ending world hunger, empowering the status of women and girls, supporting social justice, and environmental sustainability. Deep understanding of global issues, people’s relationship with money, and the transformation of human consciousness.


Anita Sanchez, Ph.D.

Member of the EARTHwise Global Leadership Team. Diversity, Equity Inclusion & Cultural Transformation. She is an award-winning author, consultant, trainer, speaker to Fortune 500 companies, and global educator on indigenous wisdom. Board member of the Pachamama Alliance & Bioneers.

Laura Berry, Esq

Author of Reboot Capitalism: The Rise of Benefit Corporations (forthcoming). Internationally recognized through her thought leadership imparted before the United Nations, Yale Law School, U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of State, and other national and international institutions. 

Steven Lovink

Dutch-American bridge builder, philanthropeneur, advisor, and writer. Co-founder and senior advisor of the Institute for Environmental Security in The Hague and  founder of Planet2025 Network and Power of One. Passionate about advancing whole system breakthrough initiatives to transform finance and grow true wealth.  

Juergen Roeck

Chief Executive Officer at Ascendro Pro GmbH. Accomplished entrepreneur with a rare combination of technical, project management, and product-oriented skills. Creates essential bridges between business sponsors, technical contributors, and cross-functional stakeholders.

Scott Brandon

Expert in building and researching complex organizational systems. Executive director at Lincoln Center, co-director of Litróf Consulting. Author of Imagination First. Featured in Rotman School Management, PBS, Harvard Business Review and Ashoka.

Stephen Aizenstat, Ph.D.

Founder of Dream Tending, Pacifica Graduate Institute, and The Academy of Imaginal Arts and Sciences. World renowned Professor of Depth Psychology, imagination specialist, and innovator. Served as organizational consultant to major companies, institutions, and Hollywood films. 

Sabine Brunswicker, Ph.D.

Internationally recognized scholar and full Professor in digital innovation, describing new ways of using information technologies and machine intelligence to organize the design and use of product/services. She is a Full Professor at Purdue University, and the Founder and Director of the Research Center for Open Digital Innovation (RCODI). 

Stephen Dynako

Strategic innovator and seasoned professional with a background in finance, technology, media, and clinical counseling. Impact Partner with Raise Green, a crowdfunding platform for companies developing climate solutions. Former director of programming for Shift/Co, Advocate for eco-conscious businesses.

 Tomas Björkman

Social entrepreneur & founder of Ekskäret Foundation, co-founder of the research institute Perspectiva, Co-creation Loft, and the media platform Emerge in Berlin, the digital personal development platform and the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) framework. Full member of the Club of Rome.

Jon Ramer

Entrepreneur, civic leader, inventor, and musician. Architect of the Compassion Games: Survival of the Kindest. Co-founder of Ramer and Associates, ELF Technologies Inc., and Smart Channels. Former Executive Director of the Interra Project, co-founder of Ideal Network, and co-founder of Compassionate Action Network International.

Domenic Thomas

Expert leader at business growth, governance, product development & IT/blockchain innovation. Established successful three-branch venture ('17 sale); championed groundbreaking KYC-integrated public blockchain platform ('20 exit), facilitated startup fundraising ($3M+), and secured over fifty strategic alliances for WORBLI Network. 

EARTHwise Partnership Alliance for a Planetary Civilization


We are grateful for our amazing partners, who have joined us on this journey and who form part of the EARTHwise Ecosystem for building the new civilization, and providing essential leadership and support for shifting humanity from collapse to thriving. Our lead technical partners for developing the game through the EARTHwise DAO and including social innovation features and studios are Hypha and Social Systems Lab, with more technical partners joining.