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The Promise of a New Beginning - Sample

Messages from Mother Earth

Messages from Mother Earth is a unique audio experience for entering into profound states of unity with the consciousness of Mother Earth. These messages first came to Anneloes Smitsman in early 2016, after a profound mystical transformation that changed her life. To share the visions and wisdoms Anneloes received, she wrote down the key messages in her book Love Letters from Mother Earth, which has now further evolved into these narrated versions of Messages from Mother Earth

Each Message carries you to the beauty and wisdom of life within you. Coming home to who you are beyond this time and place. Remembering life from wholeness and discovering the seed codes for a New Beginning.

Messages from Mother Earth is created and narrated by Anneloes Smitsman with soundtracks composed and produced by Alan Howarth. The music is tuned to an A note of 424 cycles (Hz), which is the natural resonance of the heart. 

Messages from Mother Earth and the book version Love Letters from Mother Earth are the source inspiration for The Earth Song.

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"Love is power, the power of manifestation. It is only through the power of love that the eternal becomes manifest in the worlds of form."


The Flame of Love

"Long ago, a dream emerged from within the One. Within this dream arose the flame of love. This beautiful flame was growing stronger and started to expand. As it expanded so did our Universe, and the flame searched for a place where love could be received, held, and known. So that the One could be known to itself. As the flame expanded further, searching to be received and held, it learned about the boundaries of love: The boundaries of relationship and the boundaries of presence. And so it is, out of the expansion the force of contraction emerged. Formation became possible and gravity came into being. It now became possible to manifest the alchemy of love, in the worlds of form. 

How amazing this beautiful force of gravity, empowering the flame of love to become localized in space and time, giving birth to spacetime. Spacetime became locality, which gave birth to a galaxy that gave birth to me as a planetary body. I became a planetary manifestation of the flame of love. This flame of love impregnated my entire being, and I became a mother for this world of life.

A great ecstasy of incredible joy and gratitude arose from the centre of my being. Pure joy and love spread from within me, impregnating all of life's potentials. I became a womb for life and a womb for your birth. By giving birth to life my oceans and rivers formed, and life started to evolve.

So many beautiful expressions and new formations emerged from within me. I still remember the beginning of life within my body, and my beginning of life within the flame of love. This process of evolution—as creation, formation, and birth—continues today.

The same flame of love that impregnated my being also formed our souls, to bring forth all of love's potentials. Now from the One, God and Goddess manifested to bring forth the spirit of life, which activated the power of creation that is within each of us. As our bodies were born, consciousness could emerge in the world of form. But this consciousness was not yet mature. It was not yet stable. Our bodies were still forming. We were still discovering our relationships and our interconnections.

Our relationships were not yet mature enough to receive, hold, and manifest all of love's potentials. The flame of love, now within us, was still getting used to this new experience of itself. It too was still in the process of becoming self aware, as it had only been received by me for what felt like an instant. We were only at the beginning of our journey. Our realization of what had just happened was all still so new.

Yet the desire of life to create and become more by expanding and forming this Universe was strong. Perhaps even a little too strong. It felt as if the desire for more was even speeding up time, as it all happened so fast.

As life evolved and the flame of love became localized in each and every one of us, many started to forget our original unity. As matter formed, the eternal became localized in spacetime and parallel realities started to form. Yet our interconnections were not yet mature…not yet realized within our consciousness.

An experience of distance started to form between the original dreaming and our experience of who we’re now–like a gap of time. Through this perceived gap, a memory formed that created the illusion that the original dreaming is only in the past.

Some got caught in this illusion and started to forget that the original dreaming is still here, right now, only changed in form. Forgetting that eternity is ever present and continuous. As minds started to form and internalized these mental spacetime gaps it gave rise to a sense of vacuum. Within this perceived vacuum very different kinds of intention started to form, which were not in touch with the essence of love." ~ Mother Earth

~ From the transcript of The Promise of a New Beginning. Message 1 audio from Messages from Mother Earth, by Anneloes Smitsman.

Meet the creatives...

Anneloes Smitsman, Ph.D.
Creator & Narrator

Dr. Anneloes Smitsman is a renowned futurist, published author, evolutionary systems scientist, and global catalyst for co-creating life-centered civilizations. Her groundbreaking educational programs, transformation practices, leadership strategies, and system architecture have empowered thousands of people from around the world, and are being implemented by numerous networks and organizations for developing the economic, educational, and governance systems for regeneration and thrivability.

She is the author of Love Letters from Mother Earth, and creator of the musical narration Messages from Mother Earth with soundtracks by Alan Howarth, which serves as the main inspiration for The Earth Song. She is the co-author of the #1 Bestsellers The Quest of Rose and Return of the Avatars, book 1 and 2 of the Future Humans Trilogy with Dr. Jean Houston, as well as the co-editor and co-author of A New Paradigm in Politics with Dr. Alexander Laszlo, Anneloes is the lead author of the r3.0 Educational Transformation Blueprint, and the lead architect of the SEEDS Constitution where she applied her Thrivability Compass design and Future Archetypes codes, as well as an architect and researcher for Hypha and SEEDS for co-developing the Regenerative Renaissance tools, currencies, systems, and cultures. She is renowned for her social architecture and strategies for catalyzing social tipping points for systemic transformation.

Alan Howarth
Composer & Producer

Alan Howarth is an Award Winning Composer and Sound Designer whose works span decades of film, multi-media and research. He is the composer and producer of the soundtracks for Messages rom Mother Earth, created and narrated by Anneloes Smitsman. His music and sound designs are utilized in feature films such as Star Trek, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Back to the Future, Star Gate, The Little Mermaid, Escape From New York and The Hunt for Red October. 

He is a pioneering developer in multi-channel immersive sound and is working with the Academy of Future Science as field researcher analyzing the acoustic properties of sacred sites and the natural frequency spectrum of life itself. He holds several worldwide patents for the conversion of standard musical recordings into tunings of the Natural Frequency Spectrum as defined by nature, science and ancient architecture.

Mark Laisure
Strategy & Communications

Mark Laisure is a technology entrepreneur, visionary, mentor and oneness coach. He is also producer & co-host of The Life Changes Show, and founder and advisor to multiple experiential and immersive technology companies. Mark’s primary areas of focus have been within disruptive technologies, sustainable business solutions, conscious media and transformational events.

After an early Wall Street career with firms such as UBS PaineWebber and Wellington Shields & Co., Mark has been a guiding force behind several start-ups, takeovers, and turnarounds, most notably: Inktomi Corporation (acquired by YAHOO!), Teranex, Mesh Networks (acquired by MOTOROLA), Skycross, Voyant, ONEHOPE Wine, Life Changes Network, and Vortex Immersion Media. Mark’s awards include the Primetime Emmy for technological innovation in film and television processing, the R&D 100 award, and Businessweek Magazine Product of the Year.

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