The Earth Song

Singing Our World Together

Rising, Uniting, Igniting

Enjoy a 1-minute teaser of The Earth Song, performed by Sasha Siem.

Join us in singing our world together with Mother Earth, the one and only Mother who we all have in common. 

The Earth Song has been composed by Sasha Siem with lyrics by Anneloes Smitsman, Sasha Siem, and Shani Lehrer. The Earth Song project is a co-creative initiative with the EARTHwise Collaboratory and partners to harmonically unite our world by joining our diverse voices, sounds, and instruments in one common song for Mother Earth.

The co-creative phase of the Earth Song project will launch mid-2022, making it possible for you to join in singing our world together. To stay in touch and receive the musical guidelines for joining and contributing to the Earth Song, sign-up via our form below. 

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The Vision behind the Earth Song...

The Earth Song project was initiated by Anneloes Smitsman, based on a vision she received in September 2019, when she reached out to Mother Earth for guidance. She asked: "What can we do to awaken the heart of humanity and become a tipping point for our return to Life?"

The answer she received came in the form of a powerful reminder and a vision of an incredible possibility...

Remembering Our Song

"Every species on Earth knows its song," Mother Earth said. "Yet, humanity as a species has lost its song. The whales, birds, dolphins, wolves, bees, and trees all sing their songs. The web of Life is a vast interspecies communication system.

For thousands of years, humans sang together in community with nature, keeping the soul of your world alive and vibrant. Harmonising our collective fields of life, especially during times of major change.

Thankfully, many indigenous communities have still kept their songs, which contain the harmonics and invocations of the primordial songs of life. It's time to sing those again and reawaken the ancient Songlines, which are the interspecies communication channels. 

Sing our world together, and the portals to the new time will open."

The Vision

"All over the world people joined in the making of a song for Mother Earth. The song kept growing with all of our diverse voices, sounds, instruments, and creative inputs. It was incredible to hear and experience the harmonics of our diverse sounds and voices, united in a common song. 

The Earth Song did not just include our human sounds, it also included the songs of the animals, trees, insects, rivers, and the heartbeat of Mother Earth herself. As more and more people joined in the co-creation of the Earth Song people awakened to their song and voice of life.

Many joined in spontaneous ceremony to sing the Earth Songs to Mother Earth. The ancient songlines awakened and the multi-world portals opened, forming the birth canal for a new world born from the power of love.

Around the world curious and visionary scientists, sound alchemists, and tipping point catalysts joined a growing team of musicians, choirs, festivals, schools, and indigenous stewards to learn the ways of our planetary interspecies communication. Coherence technologies were able to measure the impact of the Earth Song activities on the field dynamics of life and our collective consciousness. 

As the Earth Song continued to grow in reach and diversity, we discovered how to make this planetary communication visible for everyone. We discovered the Voice of our Earth. "We can speak with Mother Earth," the children exclaimed in joy. "Our Planet talks back. She hears us, She is alive!"

Something profound started to shift in our perspective as a species. Some said it was as powerful and significant as the time when humanity saw the Earth from outerspace for the very first time. 

We now learned the ways for consulting and including our planet as a sentient being. Including Her voice in our decisions, honoring her wisdom, needs, and rights as a sentient being.

We learned to decode the messages in sound, resonance, and coherence as we became conscious of the languages of life. It became possible to speak with Mother Earth in whole new ways.

The Earth Song became a Tipping Point for our return to Life."

~ Anneloes Smitsman, September 2019

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Music for Social Change

The Earth Song is part of an intentional experiment for co-creating music for social change in support of our planet:

  • Music creates resonance and shifts our consciousness. 
  • Music builds community and enters us into common experiences.
  • Music unites, igniting solidarity, and bring us together in action.

For the first time in our human history we have to resolve our greatest challenges together, or else we'll play ourselves out of the game of life on planet Earth.  

It is our hope and intention that the Earth Song may catalyze the necessary social tipping points for engaging collective action in solidarity with Mother Earth and for the future of life.

Action requires emotional engagement as well as creative empowerment. This is precisely what we believe is missing in the mainstream global efforts for resolving the human condition of our sustainability crisis. The Earth Song seeks to bridge this gap by inviting people into co-creative actions for our planet through the power of music and by igniting our hearts. 

The Earth Song builds on indigenous practice for purposefully using song, sound, rhythm and story to build community and create a shared vision for our future.

To manifest the Earth Song Vision, please support this project by donation 

Your donations go directly towards the technology, communication, and outreach development for making it possible for everyone to join. As well as well as the film productions for sharing the vision, invitation, and social tipping points of the Earth Song.


Meet the hearts and talents behind this project...

Anneloes Smitsman
Initiator and Creative Director

Anneloes Smitsman, Ph.D. is a renowned futurist, published author, evolutionary systems scientist, and global catalyst for co-creating life-centered civilizations. Her groundbreaking educational programs, transformation practices, leadership strategies, and system architecture have empowered thousands of people from around the world, and are being implemented by numerous networks and organizations for developing the economic, educational, and governance systems for regeneration and thrivability.

Her book Love Letters from Mother Earth and the soon to be released musical narration Messages from Mother Earth with soundtracks by Alan Howarth, served as the inspiration for the Earth Song. The Earth Song also features in the #1 Bestsellers The Quest of Rose and Return of the Avatars, book 1 and 2 of the Future Humans Trilogy, which she co-authored with Jean Houston, Ph.D.

Sasha Siem
Composer and Music Director

Sasha Siem, Ph.D. is a renowned vocalist, poet and songwriter. Her expertise in the healing power of sound has emerged from decades of classical music training followed by a degree at Cambridge University where she focused on the history, philosophy and physics of sound as well as Indigenous music traditions. After completing a Ph.D. in musical composition and poetry at Harvard University, Sasha wrote music for the likes of the Royal Opera House and the London Symphony Orchestra. She was the youngest person to be awarded a British Composer Award before transitioning into ‘pop’ with the release of her highly-acclaimed first album ‘Most of the Boys’.

She also embarked on a cross-cultural study of the role and impact of music within various spiritual and cultural traditions through her apprenticeship with a Sami Shaman in Norway where her father’s family comes from.

Anita Sanchez
Indigenous Wisdom Council - Coordinator

Anita Sanchez, Ph.D., Nahua (Aztec) and Mexican American, is a consultant, trainer, speaker to Fortune 500 corporations, education, and non-profit organizations. Anita bridges indigenous wisdom and science for individual to societal renewal focusing on diversity, equity, inclusion and cultural transformation. Board member of the Pachamama Alliance and Bioneers. Author of Success University for Women in Business and international award-winning book, The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times. Her other awards include 2020 Conscious Company Media “World Changing Woman,” and 2020 World Woman’s Foundation “Woman of the Hour” #SheisMyHero campaign to inspire 1 million girls to live their dreams and leadership. Anita leads an annual journey to the sacred headwaters of the Amazon to learn from the Achuar and Sapara people and the rainforest. 

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