About EARTHwise Centre

The Purpose of EARTHwise

The purpose of EARTHwise Centre is to empower and facilitate the necessary inner and outer shifts for becoming the future humans of the emerging new era. As an educational training, research, and leadership centre we focus on developing systemic capacities for societal transformation through an integral whole systems approach, based on planetary consciousness.

EARTHwise Centre is a non-profit company registered in Mauritius, which is a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean located to the east of Madagascar. EARTHwise is, however, not just a company. As the name indicates, it also represents our next evolutionary step—to become an Earth wise and planetary conscious species. EARTHwise also means knowing how to co-create with life, our Earth, and the Cosmos, for a thrivable world and future.

At EARTHwise Centre we relate with our planet as a sentient being, a mother who guides and empowers our evolutionary development and future becoming. Our unique human consciousness is a tremendous gift, made possibly by our Earth. It's time we apply this gift wisely by maturing as a species and taking care of each other and our planetary home.

How EARTHwise was born

Anneloes Smitsman received the seed for EARTHwise in 2014, while exploring 5 archetypal patterns that guide the conception and birth of new worlds. This is represented in the EARTHwise logo, which shows 5 arms or curves around a blue dot. The blue dot represents the Earth and how she serves as a womb for the evolution of life and our future becoming.

Anneloes published her discoveries of these 5 archetypal patterns through her work on the 5 Future Archetypes, which also formed part of her doctoral dissertation and features in many of her books, articles, and teachings.

Although EARTHwise Centre is based in Mauritius, our activities and outreach is worldwide through our international team, global online programs, and collaborative initiatives. 

The EARTHwise family

EARTHwise Centre has since developed into a vibrant organization thanks to the amazing talents and efforts of all who joined the EARTHwise family, and our partners.

Non-Profit Status

EARTHwise Centre Ltd (BRN C15131982), is a non-profit CSR registered company (NCSRF/2018/0005) in Mauritius, eligible for receiving CSR funding, and UN and EU international funding for non-profit purposes. Our non-profit activities include our EARTHwise Projects and collaborative initiatives. To support our non-profit activities and scholarships for youth and elders, please consider making a tax-deductible donation.


Leadership Team

Anneloes Smitsman
Founder & CEO

Dr. Anneloes Smitsman (Ph.D., LLM), is a futurist, evolutionary systems scientist, coach, healer, and award-winning bestselling author. She is the Founder and CEO of EARTHwise Centre. Her programs, practices, and strategies are sought after around the world for actualizing our future human potential, and catalyzing the next steps in human consciousness and systemic design for thrivability.

She was awarded the Visioneers Lifetime Achievement in May 2022, and was crowned overall African winner in the  category "Human Development" of the 2022 Africa’s Most Respected CEOs AwardsThe award acknowledges CEOs' contributions to the attainment of SDGs by African States. Anneloes was also awarded the Africa’s Women Leaders Citation in 2018 by CMO Asia & World Women Leadership Congress. 

Anneloes holds a Master’s degree in Law and Judicial Political Sciences from Leiden University, the Netherlands, and received a degree of Doctor from the Maastricht Sustainability Institute at the School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University, the Netherlands. Her Ph.D. dissertation Into the Heart of Systems Change, is being implemented worldwide for systemic transformation in economics, education, politics, and governance through her proposed Transition Plan for a Thrivable Civilization.

Anneloes is the co-author with Dr. Jean Houston of the Future Humans Trilogy, which includes The Quest of Rose, a #1 Amazon Bestseller and Winner of the 2022 Silver Nautilus Book Award in the category of Personal Growth. As well as Return of the Avatars, which also became a #1 Amazon Bestseller. She is also the co-host with Dr. Jean Houston of the Future Humans PodcastShe is the co-editor and co-author with Dr. Alexander Laszlo of The New Paradigm in Politics, and she is the author of Love Letters from Mother Earth, and the narrated version Messages from Mother Earth with soundtracks by Alan Howarth (launching soon), as well as numerous other publications.

Anneloes is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle of the Source of Synergy Foundation, a founding member of the Global Development Board of the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research, an Advisory Board member of the Interstellar Community Foundation, a r3.0 Advocation Partner, and a partner of the Global Education Futures InitiativeAnneloes is based in Mauritius where she lives with her two children, and the Netherlands.


Kurt Barnes
Co-Founder & Chair

Dr. Kurt Barnes (ND, DEA, Histoire Uni of Paris 8) is a senior psy-coach with extensive expertise in working with individuals and organizations from all levels of society in Mauritius and internationally. He is also the Founder & CEO of 3CS. As an an international psycho-social expert he has worked among migrants from Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, and America, providing training and consultancy to improve their living conditions and eco-psychological health. He carried out this work in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), related to these issues. He worked for many years in Europe and North America. He is renowned for his research and strategies on conflict resolution and violence prevention.

Kurt is also a registered Naturopathic Physician and applies this with his specialisation in psychology, psychotherapy & bio-feedback. He was trained in psychotechiques and higher states of Consciousness for the bio-feedback by Maxwell Cade and Geoff Blandell from the Institute for Psychobiological Research in 1979.

Kurt’s corporate focus in consulting and coaching is in the area of communication for business management companies, as well as financial services companies. His rich multi-cultural background enables him to create important bridges and has made him a well sought-after adviser in Mauritius and internationally. Through his advisory functions he consults on communication strategies and change processes, which ultimately benefit society as a whole. In 1998 he acted as adviser for UNICEF and the Ministry of Women, Family and Child Development in Mauritius for the implementation of a program to prevent child abuse.

In 2004 he was Knighted in the Order of Academic Palms of the French Republic for his outstanding service. His focus on working with people is always on empowerment and creating an enjoyable and creative learning and working space, which he finds both professionally and personally fulfilling.

His clients include the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Shell, J Kalachand, Mauritius Union Assurance, Swan insurance, Group Mikado, Neetoo Industries, Pallagames, White sand tours, Mauritours, UNICEF, and CITCO. He also serves on various educational and corporate Boards as a Director, and is a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle of the Source of Synergy Foundation. Kurt is based in Mauritius and Europe.


Support Team

Justine Page

Justine Page  is a  consultant, coach, facilitator, and public speaker, with over 20 years of multinational and multicultural experience, in marketing, branding and personal development. Her passion is transforming individuals and companies from the inside out through the empowering process of connecting people with their essence and their true potential. As a former executive at one of the world leading advertising and marketing company in New York, she has experience with international brands, blue chip companies and award winning campaigns. She has worked and lived in ten countries across five continents.

Her experience of working and living in a variety of cultures has built her credibility as a leader able to drive the creative process in brand building development across global, local and personal brands. She is a passionate brand image creator with a strong belief that you need to know yourself first from the inside before you can go out into the world and project this image on the outside.

She has developed her own training program based on this principle as a transformative marketing and coaching tool to help companies and individuals transform their image by connecting with their brand from the inside out. Justine holds a dual Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Psychology from the City University of New York. She has completed her own personal transformative training with EARTHwise and with Evolving Wisdom, and is currently completing her (International Coaching Federation) ICF Accreditation. She is a certified Feminine Power Coach and Facilitator, and is a member of the Global Feminine Power Leadership Community, She is a Board Member of the Global Foundation for Emerging Women Leaders. Justine lives in Australia with her husband and two daughters.

Alexander Laszlo
Co-Founding Member

Dr. Alexander Laszlo (Ph.D.) is President of the Board of Directors of the Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science (BCSSS), Director of Research at the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research (LINPR), Co-Founder and Global Collaborator of Global Education Futures (GEF), and Founding Member of the Board of Directors of the Social Systems Foundation (SSF LLC.). He served as 57th President and Chair of the Board of Trustees of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS), and was Founding Director of the Doctoral Program in Leadership and Systemic Innovation at ITBA, Argentina. As Professor of Systems Science and Evolutionary Development, he teaches on evolutionary leadership, collaboration, and systems thinking at a variety of MBA and Doctoral programs internationally, serves as President of the Honorary Board of Advisors of the World Complexity Science Academy (WCSA), and as Vice-President for Education on the Board of Directors of Unity Foundation. 

He has worked for UNESCO, the Italian Electric Power Agency, and the U.S. Department of Education, has held visiting appointments with the London School of Economics and the European University Institute, and has been named a Level I Member of the National Research Academy of Mexico (SNI).  He is on the Editorial Boards of Systems Research & Behavioral Science; World Futures: The Journal of New Paradigm Research; Systema · Connecting Matter, Life, Culture and Technology; Markets and Business Systems; and Organisational Transformation & Social Change, recipient of the Gertrude Albert Heller Award, the Sir Geoffrey Vickers Memorial Award, and the Förderpreis Akademischer Klub award, author of over one hundred journal, book, and encyclopedia publications, and a 6th Degree Black Belt of traditional Korean Karate.

Born in Fribourg, Switzerland, he is holder of a PhD in the interdisciplinary field of Science and Technology Policy from the University of Pennsylvania from where he also received his MA in History and Sociology of Science. His BA is from Haverford College, with a major in International and Comparative Political Science and a minor in Human Physiology. Alexander currently lives in Argentina with his partner.

Dagmar Wolff
Future Humans Education

Dr. Dagmar Wolff {Ph.D., M.D.) is a pianist, instrumental educator, physical therapist and medical doctor with over 20 years of interdisciplinary experience in the teaching and rehabilitation of musicians. Her focus is to help musicians to achieve their utmost musical and personal potential and to overcome roadblocks, be it in their normal course of their career or after injury and trauma. She has studied in Germany and the U.S., has conducted research and has acquired extensive skills in conventional and naturopathic healing contexts to further thrivability and creativity in one-to-one and group sessions as well as online course formats. Paramount to healing for her is to strengthen the integrative capacities and skills in her clients and patients, in order to further the innate qualities of live: To become aware of the unity and wholeness of living systems that can flourish in diversity and in all their beauty, being sourced in connectedness and interdependent co-creation. Dagmar holds university degrees as a pianist, instrumental educator, music educator and state accreditations as physical therapists with several specializations, as well as a degree as medical doctor. She completed two doctorates – one in music education and one in medicine. In addition she has done extensive training with EARTHwise as well as continuous medical training in Applied Kinesiology, osteopathic techniques, orthopedics, lymphatic drainage, psychosomatic techniques, occupational medicine and performing arts medicine.

She joined the EARTHwise team in 2021, and is translator of the Future Humans Trilogy into German. As a founding member of the Future Humans Course Community she hosts weekly meetings with members from the course community to support each other on this beautiful path. Her passion is to envision future educational prospects and ways to induce health and beauty in our lives. Dagmar lives in Germany with her children and husband.



We are deeply grateful for all the people who formed part of earlier EARTHwise teams, and for all they contributed to EARTHwise and our community. With special thanks to Dame Kim Conrad, Nicola Hoffman, Meredith Lowry, Michael Haupt, and Asha Lakebrink.

EARTHwise Collaboratory & Partners

Although our core team is small, our arms, hearts, and minds reach far thanks to our amazing EARTHwise Collaboratory and Tipping Point partners. We believe in the power of our collective consciousness and how we become the imaginal organs of the emerging new era through collaboration and co-creative partnership. 

EARTHwise Collaboratory
Tipping Point Partners

Our Governance

EARTHwise Thrivability Compass

Our Thrivability Compass guides our journey towards thrivability by navigating by the evolutionary principles and Cosmic architecture of life. This compass has been designed by our founder Anneloes Smitsman, based on her decades of research on the Cosmic architecture of living systems. It serves as the central architect tool for our EARTHwise governance, and guides the EARTHwise Constitution. The compass navigates the following coordinates:

  1. Our core purpose in the centre;
  2. Three laws and principles of life for navigating through the evolutionary process of consciousness and our Universe, which forms part of the three lines of the arms of the compass rose;
  3. Five Future Archetype patterns for guiding how we grow and actualize our future potentials of the emerging new era;
  4. Eight core values for guiding our inner and outer development; 
  5. Thirteen principles for developing our capacities and powers, and;
  6. Sixteen commitments for realizing the co-creation of a thriving world and future.

To learn more about the Thrivability (Cosmic) Compass read the Future Humans Trilogy by Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston. Anneloes has also applied this compass for co-developing the architecture of Part 1 of the SEEDS Constitutionfor the governance of the new financial and economic ecosystems for regenerative and thrivable civilizations.

Our 8 Values as Currencies

Learn about our 8 values as part of our EARTHwise Thrivability Compass.  We apply our values as currencies, values flows, for investing in the heart of our humanity and the future of life on our beautiful planet Earth.


We bring originality in what and how we create and relate by sourcing our inspiration through the wisdom of life. Originality is the foundation of our creative process, which we honor by acknowledging how we are each a original seed of life for the evolution of consciousness. We stand for originality through respect and integrity for the origins of our work and that of others. 


We inspire transformation and our future becoming. Inspiration is how we source and share our creativity in partnership with life. Inspiration is the blood flow of all our activities. Through inspiration we become aware of the greater possibilities that call us forth. Inspiration is the flame of our passion and the means through which the future communicates with us. 


We bring courage into all we do and who we are. We empower taking courageous responsibility for the development of our purpose and capacities for this tipping point time. We offer courage for healing the shadow wounds of our divided worlds and cultures, and becoming planetary conscious. We stand with courage for the necessary decisions and actions that secure the safety and wellbeing of our planet, and all of life on Earth.


We give trust to the process of life, and our unique and common destinies in the journey of consciousness. We give trust to the heart of our humanity, and the potentials of love and wisdom that are within each and every one of us. We trust in the greater goodness and essence of who we are. We honour the trust given to us for living and sharing our purpose. We trust in the Cosmos and our Earth for guiding and supporting us.


We empower our purpose with love. We are committed to acting from love as the foundation for healing, transformation, self-awareness, leadership, and creativity.  We trust in the power of love and nurture this in ourselves, each other, and our world. We cherish the potentials of love and consult the consciousness of love before we act. We invest in our world and future by giving and being love. 


We bring commitment to the processes, learnings, responsibilities, and actions that are required for co-creating a thriving world and future. We are committed to our own learning, healing, and transformation as part of this process. We are committed to life and the needs of our planet, and the wellbeing of future generations. We are committed to being a conscious and wise future ancestor.


We bring creativity into what we do and how we relate. We creatively approach challenges and opportunities by cultivating the emergence of higher order possibilities that empower the greater goodness for all concerned. We honor the womb qualities of life as the cradle of our creativity, and the source for our generosity. We creatively attract our future into being; creating space for emergence with gratitude and playfullness.


We bring wisdom to what we do, who we are, and how we relate by cultivating this in ourselves and others. We grow our wisdom by applying what we teach and by living the journey of our future becoming. We apply the wisdom of life for inspiring and insisting on higher standards of care, quality, and service. By living and applying our values as currencies and investments, co-create an EARTHwise world as a planetary conscious species.