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with Justine Page, Founder of THE ESSENCE EFFECT™



  • You are looking for clarity around your self-brand, and want to understand how to create your brand, which is the most authentic reflection of you.
  • You are a change agent who needs to crystalize your message and image.
  • You feel a burning desire to share your work and your vision with the world in a way that is relevant, understood and most importantly congruent with who you are.
  • You want to break through any barriers that may be holding you back from actualizing your full potential.
  • You are ready to launch your brand, which is a reflection of who you are and your true purpose.
  • You are passionate about what you do and want to gain clarity on how you show up in the world.

Then, you do not want to miss this opportunity



  • Connect with your true vision around your purpose and your intention of what you want to create.
  • Identify your mission which, details how you will bring your vision into the world.
  • Reveal your unique blend of essences which, are the framework for the look and feel of your Brand CODE.
  • Gain clarity around your message, your offer, and how you deliver this in an authentic way that is aligned with your soul.
  • Build confidence around delivering your message and speaking your truth.

Open your mind to a whole new way of looking at branding!

In this online program Justine will share with you over two decades of marketing experience of what goes into the process of creating a brand.  Through her unique journey you will discover a way of creating your brand with clarity around your vision and in alignment with your core values.  This is the process of conscious branding -  creating your brand from the inside out, and connecting with your true ESSENCE.  You will be guided to do this with ease and flow, as deep inside you already know what your ESSENCE is.  All Justine will do is provide you with the tools and structures for you to be able to access your essence and through that your BRAND.

What you will receive by embarking on this 7~week journey


Over a period of 7 weeks , you will be guided by Justine through The Essence Effect step-by-step process. This process is based on decades of marketing experience and brand building tools used today.  Each week you will learn a new brand building tool, giving you a better understanding of how a brand is created.  With that understanding you gain clarity and confidence around the expression of your own unique brand.

During this 7-week program you will receive: 

  • Seven sets of 3 teaching recordings for each of the 7 modules and stages of the journey.  Don't worry, these are digestible sound bites no longer than 5 min-15 min each.  The recordings are designed in a format that is easy to manage and based around the specific topics.  Each week you will receive access to these recordings a week before the LIVE mentoring and Q&A call.  These will include:

VIDEO #1:  Teaching 

AUDIO #2:  Integration

VIDEO #3:  Application

  • Seven LIVE mentoring and Q&A sessions, which will be 60-minutes long (facilitated via Zoom.)  These will be held every Wednesday, PT/ET time.  And, Thursdays AET.  Recordings will be posted on the learning portal within 24 hours after the live call.
  • Seven worksheets for the framework which, includes highlights from each weeks teachings and reference material.
  • The Essence of Branding tool kit which, will enable you to  bring your brand to life in all forms - e.g. as a website page, a landing page, a course, a presentation, or an event.  These include:

TOOL #1:  your personal Brand STORYBOARD,

TOOL #2:  your own Brand CLARITY BRIEF,

TOOL #3:  your unique Brand ESSENCE ID.


In addition to the above you will receive the following 3 BONUSES.
BONUS #1:  Featured conversation with Dr Jean Houston, conducted by Anneloes Smitsman and Justine Page for The Leadership Quest. 
BONUS #2:  The Essence Effect Conversations.
This is a series of pre-recorded 30 min dialogues with people who have been an inspiration on this journey of personal brand creation, and who will inspire you to see how the process of conscious branding can create impact in the world.  These conversations are in AUDIO format ONLY and include:

CONVERSATION #1 with Lynn Rose ~ "Where Voice Meets Vision"

Media Entrepreneur, High Performance Catalyst - CEO of The Power To WOW "Where Voice Meets Vision"

CONVERSATION #2 with Elisabeth Williams ~  "Giving as part of your business"

Social Impact Advisors - Founder of AWE Partners. Live life in “AWE”

CONVERSATION #3 with Casey Kochmer ~ "Living in flow with your essence"

- Taoist Master - Founder of Personal Tao “Always Dream Even When Awake”

CONVERSATION #4 with Julie Steelman ~ "Creating your financial destiny"

- Wealth and Prosperity Advisor, Founder of Rose Leopard and creator of the Feminine Financial Intelligence™

CONVERSATION #5 with Anneloes Smitsman ~ "Creating from the Wholeness Code"

- Author, storyteller, and a global catalyst for developing our Future Creative capabilities and leadership for a Thrivability World - Founder and CEO of  EARTHwise Centre.

BONUS #3:  The Wholeness Code,  three first chapters from "Love Letters From Mother Earth" by Anneloes Smitsman.  This code is the inspiration for the structure of THE ESSENCE EFFECT™.



Course Overview


MODULE 1 ~ "E" stands for EVOKING

Harvesting your life’s story

By harvesting our past we gain access into our life’s purpose and our future. It is always easier to look back and connect the dots that have brought us to where we are today. This is the foundation of who we are. By harvesting all our experience we begin to lay down the foundations of our brand.  The more solid the foundation the more stable your brand will be.

MODULE 2 ~ "S" stands for SENSING

Distilling your essences through a sensory experience

Our combination of essences is unique to us. Things we like, what inspires us, what moves our soul is the framework for our personal style and our individual expression. In this module we will explore who you are through a sensory experience.  These elements allow us to connect with your brand world.

MODULE 3 ~ "S" stands for SETTING

Connect with our vision, mission and values

Crystallising your brands purpose is instrumental in getting to the core of your brand.  A personal mission is our intention outlining what we are here to do. Our vision is a clear statement summarizing how we are going to achieve this mission. Both of these must be grounded in your values.  


Identifying our Essences

You’ll discover how your essences are already a part of you. Naming your core Essence will connect you with the heart of your brand.  In this session we will access them, name them and bring them into your consciousness. You will begin to embody your brand with confidence.

MODULE 5 ~ "N" stands for NOTING

Striking the correct notes with your essences

Begin brining your brand into form as we start weaving and infusing your essences into your external brand expression.  We will explore this process through iNFORMing, iNFUSEing, and iNTEGRATEing.  This stage is a spring board into the next step of your journey, into creating.

MODULE 6 ~ "C" stands for CREATING

Crafting your expression through the 5 elements

In this session we find your style and tone of voice as we explore how to use the 5 elements to create your self-expression. We begin designing your brand in a two dimensional form. This stage also taps into the flow and the communication of your brand.

MODULE 7 ~ "E" stands for ENERGISING

Launching your brand out into the World

In this session you will understand how your brand is your vehicle to create a real impact in the world through your authentic message. With confidence you will own your story.  We will also explore what causes you are called to support and how your contributions can have a lasting positive EFFECT.


Then, you do not want to miss this opportunity




One Payment

$400 USD

OPTION 1 – Purchase the full course now of the 7 modules (includes:  7 weeks in 2019 plus 12 monthly sessions in 2020) and pay only $400. 

Click “buy now” below. 


Two Payments

$210 USD


OPTION 2 – Purchase the full course now of the 7 modules (includes:  7 weeks in 2019 plus 12 monthly sessions in 2020) in 2 consecutive monthly instalments of $210/month  for the total cost of $420.

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Justine Page is a co-founder of EARTHwise Centre, a visionary Pattern Weaver, and an international consultant, executive coach, transformational facilitator, and impactful public speaker, with over 20 years of multinational and multicultural experience, in marketing, branding and personal development. Her passion is transforming individuals and companies from the inside out through the empowering process of connecting people with their essence and their true potential.

As a former executive at one of the world’s leading advertising and marketing companies in New York, she has experience with international brands, blue chip companies and award winning campaigns. She has worked and lived in ten countries across five continents.

Her experience of working and living in a variety of cultures has built her credibility as a leader able to drive the creative process in brand building development across global, local and personal brands. She is a passionate brand image creator with a strong belief that you need to know yourself first from the inside and be connected to your true essence before you can go out into the world and infuse that essence which is congruent with your soul his image on the outside.

She is the founder of THE ESSENCE EFFECT™, a brand development model as a conscious marketing and coaching tool to help companies and individuals transform their image by connecting with their brand from the inside out, by connecting to their true, authentic essence.

Justine holds a dual Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Psychology from the City University of New York. She has completed her own personal transformative training with EARTHwise and with Evolving Wisdom. She is a certified Feminine Power Coach and Facilitator, and is a member of the Global Feminine Power Leadership Community.

Justine lives in Melbourne with her husband and two daughters.


“Thinking about the mission and values of my brand really helped set the foundation.”

"I was searching for alignment and clarity around my brand and messaging, which is exactly what I received from Justine.  Justine asked key questions, took me through some powerful processes and had me reconnect to the answers that were already deep inside, but.  Having me think about the mission and values of my brand really helped set the foundation from which the other messaging and offerings then flowed. She helped me combine the different parts of myself into one overall umbrella brand that I loved and was excited about!  Justine skillfully weaves the experiences of her work in the top ad agencies around the world with her work as a coach and facilitator to draw out the true essences that are within you and help you define your brand." ~ CARMEL DARIENZO, USA  (


“The Essence Effect has changed the way I look at and interact with the marketing of my business”

I can’t say enough about the Essence Effect and how it’s changed the way I look at and interact with the marketing of my business Navigating Wellness, LLC. Working with Justine Page is a joy and a life saver. I had so many ideas in my head and Justine was able to pull them out and clarify to me what my true message is. I have never felt more confident than I do right now. FRANCES DESMONE, USA (


 “I have the confidence to know that the critical elements need to be sourced from inside of me.”  

Working with Justine was transformed the way I relate to branding.   I am now looking forward to revamping my website with excitement and confidence, as I have so much more clarity about how it should look and feel.  I have the confidence to know that the critical elements need to be sourced from inside of me.   And, I have a process by which to access those elements and to clearly communicate to those who will be assisting me.  MILISA BURNS, CANADA (


“I am now consciously and confidently accessing my essences, which are my strengths and superpowers as a leader”

Justine’s brilliant Essence Effect program provided me with a creative translation of my essences into images and phrases—a brand—that is aligned with who I am at my core. Justine helped me to understand that branding is easy, obvious and aligned when we approach it from this perspective of our essences. Because of my work with Justine, I am now consciously and confidently accessing my essences, which are my strengths and superpowers as a leader, anytime I am presenting myself to the world, whether personally or professionally. DAWN TARTER, USA


“I have clarity about my larger intention in this life, and I have clarity about how to bring it forward.”

Justine knows the Essence of Branding. She is a visionary. After my work with Justine, I have clarity about my larger intention in this life, and I have clarity about how to bring it forward. Justine supported me to not only gain clarity about my mission and my vision but also about my essence qualities - those qualities that come naturally to me that I may not even be aware of. After our work together I have a branding document that I can give to a web designer or someone who may be assisting me with my retreats, and they will have a clear sense of my style, my way of being, my essence - as well as who the women are that I am here to serve. MICHELLE GOODRICH, USA


“Vision becomes reality.

Justine brought me profound clarity, self-confidence and helped me value my true worth. Within two months, as she had promised, I was working solidly again and the opportunities still emerge. I started tapping into the abundance of the Universe again, by understanding and creating from my deeper truths. Vision becomes reality. I am more visible and inspire others in small steps, as I wished. I have learnt to create my support system. I think growth, abundance, joy and harmony. RUBINA RUHEE, MAURITIUS


“Restored my self-confidence.”

Being guided and coached by Justine changed so much about how I think about life. She taught me how to ‘create’ the life you want by envisioning each step.  She restored my self-confidence by showing me how people perceived me – something that I never realized.  She guided me through accepting, understanding and changing negative past beliefs. And finally – she helped me build a picture of the future I deserve. Thank you, for guiding me back to my essence. LIZELLE KEMP, SOUTH AFRICA


“I have rediscovered myself.”

Facing a major milestone in my life, Justine helped me transition from standing still and stagnating, to moving forward with a positive outlook.  Giving me techniques to reflect on the past and how to face life differently in the future.  To consider me first, in all of my decisions and to take the non trodden path to fulfillment as opposed to the easier, familiar one.  I have rediscovered myself and I now hold the key to my life and my business firming in my grasp.  ALEXA ANDERSON, UNITED KINGDOM


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