Our Vision for TPS 

The TPS Vision

We are at a huge concert or music festival, standing at the back of the stage looking out towards the excited crowd.
The concert is part of our Tipping Point series of Gaia Concerts, where top-level artists and celebrity musicians sing the lyrics from the Tipping Point Song Contests.
The lyrics have been co-created by people around the world, and selected through a process of voting via our Tipping Point App, from millions of entries from around the planet.
A key part of the concert are nature sounds—the symphony of Gaia, Mother Earth—and there is a tangible experience of singing with Mother Earth. Indigenous ceremonies are held simultaneously at key sacred sites, connecting the Songlines of Mother Earth.
The Tipping Point System has proven successful.
The key to its success lies in how TPS unleashed the creative potential of people and opened their heart to the possible future—to dream into the larger being we are.
By bringing people into this state of consciousness together, and then providing them with the concrete challenges for co-creating a world that works, TPS unlocked a key formula for addressing our greatest societal challenges.
Working from this connected consciousness and the archetype of the possible future, showed how so many of the other efforts of humanity simply could not work, as they did not first prepare and engage the divine spark to direct the creative potential of humanity.
The Tipping Point and the Divine Spark are the same—people are playfully coming into the realisation of that—in the design of our logo and the way we work, without having to call it the Divine Spark.
Tipping Point has become a movement of the possible human for a possible world. We collectively discovered our greater possibility when our creative sparks joined to form a Tipping Point System for a world that works.
We first had to become the possible human, which is what the festivals and music concerts are awakening within us.
City residents and mayors around the planet have enthusiastically engaged in the contests and challenges. An extraordinarily high level of collaboration helps to create a new governance system for our planet.