What Makes TPS Different?

We are aware that many people may share similar ideas and may also be attempting to take on equally complex challenges. This may raise the question, why us? How are we different?

"Anyone who tells you how it is all going to come out can't know of what they speak." ~ Dr. Elizabeth Sawin, Co-Director, Climate Interactive

The short answer is that we are not necessarily different, better, or more equipped, nor do we have all the answers. Yet we have somehow found a golden key for building the necessary internal and external coherence that is required for bringing this hugely complex system, and the people who make it possible, into being. 

The TPS project is the culmination of many different paths of both past successes and failures on how to develop a Large Scale Collective Action Campaign that can be inclusive of all humanity. The TPS is the result of lifetimes of creative exploration and living into the question:

How do we awaken the sleeping giant of billions of global citizens, plus their enormous cache of idling resources and empower them to become the change for what is now needed to secure a thrivable future for all of us on planet Earth?

Key Strategies

The aim is to engage cities and communities through TPS Contests, Games, and Challenges in a purposeful and meaningful manner through city-specific tactics to ‘bend the curve’ of human impacts. Tap the images below to explore our key strategies.

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