The Tipping Point System

New Narratives

Thomas Berry

“It’s all a question of story. We are in trouble just now because we do not have a good story. We are in between stories. The Old Story - the account of how the world came to be and how we fit into it - is not functioning properly, and we have not learned the New Story.”

Thomas Berry, 1978, cultural historian, historian of world religions, “geologian”

Mary Evelyn Tucker

“We need to change the story about who we are, we humans—not the lords of all creation, but lives woven into the complex interdependencies of a beautiful, unfolding planetary system.”

Mary Evelyn Tucker, 2015, co-founder of the Forum on Religion and Ecology,  Yale University

The Tipping Point System (TPS) supports the development of New Narratives that inspire the emergence of the heart of our humanity. There are common elements in many of the ancient myths and archetypal stories that have provided guidance for major transition times, such as ours now:

  • Asking the right questions; 
  • Searching within to connect with our higher powers and purpose; 
  • Releasing the way we see the problem and approach the world; 
  • Transforming ourselves in order to transform the world around us. 

What are the stories and new myths that can provide us with guidance for transitioning through this change of Age? And, how can we draw inspiration and support from the potentials afforded by our Future? In other words, how can we become future creative for a world that works?

The Quest for a new Vision and new Life always begins by asking the right questions. Are we asking the right questions now, or are we so focussed on finding solutions that we are skipping the most important preparation step - the inner preparation. Music, science, dialogue and the arts can play a key role in facilitating these deeper questions that help us become present to the innate opportunities this transition time affords us. The TPS initiatives include online and in-person workshops and intensives, online and in-person Quests, and specifically curated events for facilitating this deeper reflection. 

How can we each through our collaboration help catalyze that process? This is what we are committed to explore together with you. The time of the old hero myth who sets course on a solitary journey to then return to save the world, is over. Our new myth is a story of celebrating our togetherness in whole new ways. Of unlocking and cohering the Sleeping Giant - the power of the commons - as our common future, responsibilities, resources, capacities and so much more that we share in common.

Our New Narratives strategy includes:

  • Training a Global Transition Team for a Thrivability Civilization to address and transform our greatest societal challenges, including stopping runaway climate change, by becoming future-fit and future-creative SDG solutionaries, based on indigenous wisdom principles.
  • Inspiring & Seeding New Narratives, building on our interspecies communication opportunities and ignited through the Tipping Point Festivals and Music Events, the emerging New Narratives which will be shared with humanity at large through the Tipping Point Media & News Alliance and through curated Tipping Point TEDx talks. Those Narratives can also be shared through Sound and Music, with Tipping Point sound harmonics, heart coherence technologies and indigenous wisdom, to support our personal, collective and planetary healing process.

  • Igniting a series of high-level Courageous Conversations through Radio, TV, TEDx Talks and Media Interviews with Global Leaders about our current situation and how to transition through this point of no return.