The Tipping Point System

Journey to Thrivability

The TPS Journey to Thrivability is best viewed on a desktop, so that the explanatory text appears alongside the infographic.

Journey to Thrivability

Let's explore how a village, town or city can use a major festival to kickstart their journey to thrivability.

While the steps in this highly simplified infographic are shown as sequential, the order often changes and many steps could or should run in parallel. 

Step 1: An existing, well-established Festival agrees to become a Tipping Point Festival and participate in the Tipping Point System on their local community's journey towards thrivability.

Step 2: Generative Mavericks are selected from the local community. The required qualities of these exceptional individuals can be found on the Meet the Team Page. This Council will be responsible for guiding the overall journey, with input and assistance from the TPS Core Team & Advisors.

Step 3: Online courses developed by EARTHwise Centre and partners are made available to the Council and other interested community members.

Step 4: A local TPS Value Currency is created based on TPS criteria and issued with each festival ticket purchased. Importantly, this currency is valid only in the community's immediate surroundings. The Council determines geographic reach of the currency.

Step 5: Local businesses join the TPS Game & agree to accept the TPS Value Currency as partial payment for goods or as a replacement for their loyalty scheme. For details, see the paper on covestment.

Step 6: Food, Music for Social Change, New Narratives and Thrivability City Contests are designed and launched by the Council. These Contests build community coherence and align the residents on their common purpose.

Step 7: The Festival becomes the platform and mouthpiece for the journey to thrivability. Workshops and stands educate and inform the local population as well as visitors from further afield.

Step 8: TPS actionable data are calculated through the TPS Data Platform, including the community's Thrivability Score, and made available to the Council, who choose how they want to communicate progress to the community.

Step 9: Annual or more frequent festivities are arranged by the Council, celebrating TPS success and sharing TPS resources of the commons.

Step 10: The process is repeated through scaling-up, deepening, and linking-up between other TPS cities, towns, villages and communities.