The Tipping Point System

TPS Contests & City Challenges

TPS is a co-creative process to achieve a Big Bold Beautiful Goal...

A World that Works for All

The Tipping Point System includes 5 TPS Contests that consist of several challenges, to playfully bring our big goal into being. By embracing these challenges together and in a co-creative manner, we can also discover how to actualise the best of our human powers and become a Tipping Point for a world that works! 

Co-created and led by city residents and community members, with strategic input and direction from the TPS Advisory Council, TPS Challenges focus on driving urban, grassroots action that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and climate risks, while increasing the health, happiness and wellbeing of all urban citizens and local communities. The actions can be implemented by small, local teams, with or without the support of government, businesses, or other institutions.

The specific objective is to gamify bending the curve of human impacts in every major city in a  friendly, yet deadly serious contest. The cumulative actions combine into a global reduction of human impacts, linked with the SDGs.

Types of Contests 

  1. Food for All Contest. Food is a topic that matters to everybody, and will become a much more urgent topic when and if global supply chains are disrupted by climate crises. These challenges change the way citizens use planetary resources, including our inner resource of creative power. The challenges also help people form community and meaningful relationships through the sharing of sensual and co-creative fun experiences. Local co-creation challenges for recipes for the planet, and food for All - Food for People, Food for the Planet, Food for Future Generations and Food for the Soul.  
  2. Music for Social Change  & Wellbeing Contest. Music and song are powerful strategic tools for social change. The music, song and voice challenges invite people to create inspiring lyrics, harmonics, and sound recipes for "Singing with Mother Earth" and awakening the heart of our humanity. These challenges also include exploration of music and sound (including voice) for inter-planetary communication and for the healing of our planetary ecosystems and our human worlds. 
  3. Stories for Social Change Contest. Our societies, worldviews, basic values, social and political structures, arts and key institutions are the results of a particular human story. The New Narratives challenges invite people to become the New Narratives and Stories for Social Change. These Challenges include exploration of various forms of storytelling, art, and media that form narratives to inspire the necessary change process through patterns that connect and celebrate the beauty of our precious planet and the gift of Life. 
  4. Thrivability Cities & Communities Contest. Games and contests have historically played an important role in bringing nations together. Consider, for example, the joint North and South Korean Olympic team that marched and competed together in Pyeongchang in 2018, uniting previously bitterly divided people. These global thrivability challenges invite cities to make a real commitment to the redesign of their cities and communities for thrivability purposes, through the development of collective leadership and shared resourcefulness for making our cities beautiful, liveable, bright and happy. 
  5. Thrivability Science & Design Contest: Through this contest, our brightest minds,  bravest hearts, and creative geniuses are invited to work together to become true futurists for the design of future cities, thrivability systems, sciences, and technologies.  



The TPS Contests are supported and coordinated through:

  1. City Leaderboard: A publicly visible dashboard showing the Thrivability Scores of every city on the planet. Thrivability Scores are a combination of Urban Planetary Boundary data and other multi-capital indicators. We involve city mayors through our partnerships with the UN Be Earth Foundation and UNGSII Foundation. The intention is to shift the significant human potential currently tied up in protest movements like Extinction Rebellion towards meaningful responses to the human condition by gamifying the process and acknowledging the most improved cities in annual ceremonies.
  2. Open Design Commons: The ODC is an open source repository of technologies, practices and solutions proven to be effective in addressing wicked challenges. The idea is to make the best designs globally available locally, with detailed instructions and case studies on how to implement the solutions. The intention is for the ODC to eventually include information about alternative forms of energy and healing that may currently be suppressed in some parts of the world.
  3. Grassroot Action Plans: Using AI, we intend matching ODC solutions to each city’s specific Thrivability Score such that citizens can get directly involved in meaningful grassroots initiatives, without the need for time-consuming top-down policies. The social platform seeded by festivals enable citizens to find others involved in projects of their preference.
  4. Citizen Rewards: Value Currency “salaries” will be made available to any citizen who wishes to become involved in activities which improve their city’s Thrivability score. In the early days, these Currencies will simply reward volunteer activities, but as the local Value Currency becomes more widely accepted the hope is that many citizens will choose to engage in these activities on a full-time basis.

Tipping Point Digital Platform 

For a comprehensive exploration of the complex digital platform required to support these contests, please see this slide deck