(in response to the human condition)



Humanity's Situation

  • Increasing risk of social and ecological collapse globally;
  • Increasing and more desperate calls for changes to our political, economic and social landscapes;
  • A global lack of leadership in response to humanity’s stark realities;
  • A paralysis of will and action because of the complexity of our entrenched and divided human systems and mindsets.

The Opportunity

A middle-path of convergence between bottom-up alliances and movements and top-down actors,

rooted in the understanding of the oneness of the human family.

Humanity's Mission

Reach systemic tipping points at each of these levels:

  • Personal (deep inner transformation),
  • Community (locally produced consumption),
  • Societal (dissolution of divides based on political, religious and cultural differences)

before breaching Planetary tipping points.



“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

- often incorrectly attributed to Nelson Mandela

"Quite clearly, our task is predominantly metaphysical, for it is how to get all of humanity to educate itself swiftly enough to generate spontaneous social behaviors that will avoid extinction."

Buckminster Fuller
American architect, systems theorist, inventor, futurist (1895-1983)

Our Vision

We envision humanity united in our care and shared responsibility for our planet and collective thrivability. The movement catalyzed by our youth, as foreseen by indigenous communities from around the world, reached the required systemic tipping points just in time to avoid further runaway climate change and global ecological and social collapse.


Our Mission

We still have a small window of opportunity where we can be the difference that makes the difference, by addressing the inner and outer conditions and consequences of runaway climate change. The Tipping Point Framework (TPF) is our concrete contribution - developed over more than 6 years - as a means to act coherently and lead together, now.


Humanity's multiple complex and interconnected challenges require an equally complex and systemic set of solutions. The TPF Framework, in development for the past 6 years and firmly grounded in scientific evidence, consists of a number of inter-related pillars. Click on those pillars of the framework that appeal to you to learn more about where and how you can get involved (detail coming soon).



We're bringing together key players with a common intention to deal with our planetary challenges, and accelerate the implementation of solutions which meet or exceed the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Music & the Arts

Universities & Academic Institutions

We gratefully acknowledge open source research papers funded and developed by the following institutions:

Indigenous Tribes & Gatherings

Open Source & Peer-to-Peer Initiatives

Crypto & Blockchain Platforms

Business & Corporate




The Tipping Point Framework is a 10-year Large Scale Collective Action strategy that can move us out of the dualistic systems that have kept humanity divided for so long, by facilitating  a middle-path of convergence between the bottom-up alliances and movements and top-down actors.

The aim is to engage at least 25% of each city’s residents (the empirically validated threshold at which behavior tips) in city-specific tactics to ‘bend the curve’ of human impact in each city. Over a ten-year period the significant investment of human capital from ordinary citizens, will create sufficiently connected and empowered cities, capable of collectively achieving the global SDGs by 2030.

The TPF framework emerged out of 6+ years of sense-making within Stop-Reset-Go, conceived as a way to synthesize a number of critical scientific, psychological, socio-economic and ecological frameworks. TPF recently moved to EARTHwise Centre to benefit from additional organizational support to help it grow further. EARTHwise Centre acts as Custodian for the project and contributed its thrivability growth models and thrivability transition plan to the further development of the TPF framework. 

You can explore the detail of the Tipping Point Framework here - use the < arrows > to navigate after tapping START PRESENTATION:

Your Invitation:

Join us on the hunt for a planetary, systemic Tipping Point

What is clear is that humanity needs to create new codes and systems together - the time of working in silos is over.  Join us on a 6-week online journey to explore what it takes to shift the system.


Yes, I love the idea of TPF - please count me in!

I understand that over the next 6 weeks I'll be introduced to the TPF framework. This is what I'm interested in: to help reach social tipping points.

Privacy Notice

We fully respect your privacy. You can read our full Privacy Policy here. Briefly, all email information is kept confidential and will not be used for any other purpose without your permission. When you express interest in adding coherence to TPF, you will receive a sequence of automated emails which will quickly bring you up to speed on the Tipping Point Festival. The information you receive will allow you to explore the inner workings and meta-strategy of the Tipping Point Festival. Once you've reviewed the material, and see strong value alignment, we invite you to formally join the TPF Partnership Alliance. There is nothing for sale in the TPF email sequence.


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