The Tipping Point Festival

Reaching Social Tipping Points before breaching Planetary Tipping Points

What is the Tipping Point Festival?

The Tipping Point Festival (TPF) is a 10-year Large Scale Collective Action strategy that can move us out of the dualistic systems that have kept humanity divided for so long, by facilitating  a middle-path of convergence between the bottom-up and top-down alliances and movements.

The aim is to engage at least 25% of each city’s residents (the empirically validated threshold at which rapid adoption happens) in city-specific tactics to ‘bend the curve’ of human impact in each city. Over a ten-year period the significant investment of human capital from ordinary citizens, will create sufficiently connected and empowered cities, capable of collectively achieving the global SDGs by 2030.

The TPF framework emerged out of 6+ years of sense-making within Stop-Reset-Go, conceived as a way to synthesize a number of critical scientific, psychological, socio-economic and ecological frameworks. TPF recently moved to EARTHwise Centre to benefit from additional organizational support to help it grow further. EARTHwise Centre acts as Custodian for the project and contributed its thrivability growth models and thrivability transition plan to the further development of the TPF framework. 

Why is the TPF Strategy Necessary?

Large, complex social structures have contributed to humanity’s rapid progress over the past 500 years. However, these same structures are now unable to adequately address the SDGs, before planetary boundaries are crossed. Music, art and culture has the potential to create greater synergy and participation in addressing the SDGs by mobilizing fan bases at scale. The intention is for global icons to ignite the initial spark of potential and to then steer their fans to local TPF events.

"Quite clearly, our task is predominantly metaphysical, for it is how to get all of humanity to educate itself swiftly enough to generate spontaneous social behaviors that will avoid extinction."

Buckminster Fuller
Architect, Systems Theorist, Inventor, Futurist

Our Situation

All over the world, amidst the emerging chaos of ecological, political, economic and social turmoil, an entire civilization is holding its breath, waiting for a New Human Story to come into being. At this unique moment in history, who can best tell the story that will bring about global unity? We call upon society’s leading storytellers, the arts community with its musicians, poets, dancers, artists and performers to inspire the way out of mere resistance into strategic, joyful co-creation for a world that works. 

Our Vision

The Tipping Point Festival is envisioned as a global, decentralized event designed to trigger inner, heart and outer ecological, economic and social transformation, and rapidly share thrivability practices from the brightest minds and most compassionate hearts with every community on the planet. It is backed by a synthesis of leading scientific ideas, designed to unleash the enormous bottom-up power of billions of citizens to drive the change needed, and to power past the quagmire of top-down obstructions that are dangerously slowing down the needed progress at this critical time.

The TPF Events

On each solstice in both Northern and Southern hemisphere, for the next ten years, dozens and then hundreds and eventually thousands of cities will participate in a week-long event, in concert with and supported by a growing global community of interconnected music, arts and cultural festivals, catapulting the world's artists into the roles of their lifetime - to tell this new story of our shared possibilities, and to inspire at least 25% of each city’s residents (the empirically validated threshold at which behavior tips) to step back from the edge of looming disaster to collectively co-create a new era of thrivability at the grassroots, community scale.

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