The Knight's Shield!

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"The Knight's Shield!"

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The Making of the Knight's Shield

Can there be a Knight or a Dame without a Shield? Discover in this upcoming FREE webinar with Dr. Kurt Barnes why the Shield is essential to Knighthood, and why this matters especially today.  Dr. Barnes will share through this webinar how the knowledge for making the Shield of the Knight can help YOU manifest who you really are.

Through this unique webinar, you can learn more about the ancient tradition of Knighthood and the importance and language of the Shield. Kurt comes from a long continuous tradition.

Kurt uses few words in his teaching yet very effective methods for taking people directly into life-changing shifts of consciousness. This is a webinar to EXPERIENCE. During this webinar you can also find out how you can join the upcoming 5-weeks online course with Dr. Kurt Barnes for making your personal Knight's Shield. 

The Shield as Your Future Archetype

The Knight Shield incorporates your Future Archetype, as your incarnated presence. Your Shield can help you manifest who YOU truly are.

Experience a Meditation with Dr. Kurt Barnes

This meditation was recorded from the EARTHwise Masterclass of June 2019 as part of the EARTHwise Membership Program.


About Dr. Kurt Barnes

Dr. Kurt Barnes (ND, DEA, Histoire Uni of Paris 8) is a Founder & Chair of EARTHwise Centre. He is a senior psy-coach, eco-historian, and social scientist with extensive professional experience working with individuals and organizations from all levels of society in Mauritius and internationally. He is also the Founder & CEO of 3CS, and an international psycho-social expert who has worked in this capacity among migrants in Africa (I.O.M), providing training and consultancy to improve their living conditions and eco-psychological health. He carried out this work with knowledge regarding implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) related to these issues. He worked for many years as well in Europe and North America. He is also a registered Naturopathic Physician and applies this with his specialisation in psychology, psychotherapy & bio-feedback. Kurt was trained in psychotechiques and higher states of Consciousness for the bio-feedback by Maxwell Cade and Geoff Blandell from the Institute for Psychobiological Research in 1979. Kurt’s corporate focus in consulting and coaching is in the area of communication for business management companies, as well as financial services companies.

Kurt’s rich multi-cultural background enables him to create important bridges of understanding and has made him a well sought-after adviser both in Mauritius and internationally. Through his advisory functions he consults on communication strategies and change processes which ultimately benefit society as a whole. In 1998 he acted as adviser for UNICEF and the Ministry of Women, Family and Child Development in Mauritius for the implementation of a program to prevent child abuse He was the only male adviser in this function. In 2004 he was Knighted in the Order of Academic Palms of the French Republic for his outstanding service.

In his work for organizational development, his methodologies and courses ensure that the individual development of the members of the organization receives equal attention to build an organizational culture of empowerment and openness to change. His focus on working with people is always on empowerment and creating an enjoyable and creative learning and working space, which he finds both professionally and personally fulfilling.

His clients include, amongst others, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Shell, J Kalachand, Mauritius Union Assurance, Swan insurance, Group Mikado, Neetoo Industries, Pallagames, White sand tours, Mauritours, UNICEF, and CITCO. He also serves on various educational and corporate Boards as a Director. Kurt is a MQA (Mauritius Qualification Authority) approved trainer and fellow of the Mauritius Institute of Directors (MIoD).

What People are saying about Dr. Kurt Barnes

“I am able to become the man I want to be.”

"I followed this course with Dr. Kurt Barnes some months ago and it was of great help for me. Since my adolescence, I felt like I had an inner force which I could not develop positively to enhance my personality. When I followed this course, Kurt showed how to retrieve this inner force and use it positively in my everyday life. Now I have embraced a new career at 42 years because it is within this new orientation that I am able to become the man I want to be. I strongly recommend Kurt's courses to anyone."

Maxime Chérubin

“Profound depth and breadth of wisdom, knowledge, expertise, caring, integrity and consciousness.”

"I experience from Dr. Kurt Barnes a profound depth and breadth of wisdom, knowledge, expertise, caring, integrity and consciousness that I find quite rare in one person.  Whenever I listen to him speak it is as if he has discovered how to open the Book of Life in such a way that it becomes accessible to all those who wish to drink from the deep well of Wisdom. Whether you work with him in person or online, individually or in a group program, you will discover some golden nuggets for your life’s journey you always hoped were possible. I feel blessed for all I have received from him and I imagine you will as well." 

~ Dr. Meredith L Lowry

“His knowledge, experience, and command of our human mind stretches deeply into our soul"

"Kurt's very presence engenders in me a deep state of conscious awareness that accesses creativity, peace, and self-trust. His knowledge, experience, and command of our human mind stretches deeply into our soul."

~ Anna Ourusoff

“The meditations are truly amazing”

"The meditations with Dr. Kurt Barnes are truly amazing to integrate those spiritual parts of ours that seem very far from the three-dimensional reality. I felt that it strengthens the field, this glimpse of who we really are, and we have a sense and direction to be here, doing the simple things of life, in deep gratitude for this Journey of life."

~ Monica Lampe


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