Your wisdom and experience are critical for

co-creating the collective Tipping Point that can
shift the system in favour of Life.




"People all over the world are looking for some way to connect with each other and the Earth. That wisdom is here. Something deeper, primal, ancestral is calling to us. Listen for it."

Anita L. Sanchez, Ph.D
Author of The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times

Now - more than ever - humanity needs reasons for hope.

This is your invitation to help lead a global vision of active hope,

 inspired by 2 indigenous prophecies:

Prophecy 1: The Eagle and the Condor

The ancient Amazonian prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor speaks of the potential for the technological, industrial world and the indigenous world to come together, to fly in the same sky, and to create a new level of consciousness for humanity.

If you're not familiar with the prophecy, watch this collection, repeating the prophecy from many different perspectives: Anishinaabe, Inca, Lakota, Mohawk, Algonquin, Ihanktonwan, Dakota, Mayan and Chickasaw. 

Prophecy 2: The Eagle Hoop

In 1994, Don Coyhis, a Mohican messenger, received a dream in which a hoop was formed with 4 quadrants, encircled by 100 feathers. The Elders from his Turtle Clan in South Dakota said, “You need to build that hoop.” They saw this vision as a prophecy of the coming together of the human race: red skin, yellow skin, white skin and black skin. “There is only one race, the human race,” they said.

And so the construction of the hoop began. When it was completed, the twenty-seven indigenous Elders from the Four Directions, with joy and solemnity, took cedar planks, laying them in the four directions, placing the hoop on top, and saying, 

We have come together. We will put into this hoop four gifts that are necessary for this coming together... this healing time."

  1. “The first gift we place is the power to forgive the unforgivable.”
  2. “The second gift is the power to heal.” The Elders prayed their healing medicines into the hoop.
  3. “The third gift is the power of unity. The power to come together."
  4. “And the fourth gift is the power of hope. The ability to dream, to see wellness and the powers to attain it.”

Source: Adapted from the Introduction to The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom For Modern Times by Anita Sanchez, Ph.D.

Starting in 2020, an exceptional alliance of the Eagle and the Condor - red, yellow, white and black - will come together, using music and art as our common language.

This is your early invitation to add your genius to the

Tipping Point Festival


of concerned parents, children, elders, entrepreneurs, scientists, storytellers, musicians, artists, philanthropists, lovers and citizens of planet Earth.

We recognize that the time to come together to act coherently and to lead together is NOW.


"Quite clearly, our task is predominantly metaphysical, for it is how to get all of humanity to educate itself swiftly enough to generate spontaneous social behaviors that will avoid extinction."

Buckminster Fuller
American architect, systems theorist, inventor, futurist (1895-1983)

Our Vision

We envision humanity united in our care and shared responsibility for our planet and collective thrivability. The movement catalyzed by our youth, as foreseen by indigenous communities from around the world, received the required tipping-point support just in time to avoid further runaway climate change and global collapse.


Our Mission

We still have a small window of opportunity where we can be the difference that makes the difference, by addressing the conditions and consequences of runaway climate change. The Tipping Point Festival (TPF) system is our concrete contribution - developed over more than 6 years - as a means to act coherently and lead together, now.

The Key TPF Strategies

There are a number of necessary tipping points that need to be addressed to activate real action in the climate crisis. This can be greatly facilitated by leveraging the global music industry’s capacity to partner with our youth. Our vision is informed by both science and indigenous communities to think global and act local, with meaningful actions. We will work with music management companies to ignite a grassroots movement. We will work with artists in the conscious co-design of music, story, song, and sound to engage and inspire their large fan bases globally to rally around our common care and responsibility for our planet and future, which also addresses the growing concern of the younger generations.

We want to shift the significant human energy currently invested in various resistance movements towards proactive, practical and strategic responses that can address our climate crisis and facilitate the necessary systemic transformational change.

We want to reach social tipping points before breaching planetary tipping points, by demonstrating measurable impacts of initiatives seeded by us and ignited by the music industry, over a 10 year period. The aim is to engage at least 25% of each city’s residents (the empirically validated threshold at which rapid adoption happens) in city-specific tactics to ‘bend the curve’ of human impact in each city, and collectively 'bend the curve' across the planet.


We want to develop a new narrative that celebrates our unity in diversity and tells the story of our humanity from the Future We Want. 

Our intention is to work with the music industry, sound alchemists, cultural creators, social innovators, bio-coherence experts, and indigenous Wisdom Keepers to create a series of planetary music coherence events that bring humanity together to sing with Mother Earth in key locations. The purpose of these events is to establish a direct human-to-planet communication through specific sounds, coherence patterns and biorhythms, which can be measured and amplified in support of our planetary healing and transformation to catalyse the necessary consciousness shift, and facilitate unprecedented planetary healing through new possibilities for coherently addressing and transforming our climate crisis. 


We're bringing together key players with a common intention to deal with our planetary challenges, and accelerate the implementation of solutions which meet or exceed the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Stakeholders TPF is Engaging With

The Tipping Point Festival is engaging with the following partners and stakeholders to form the TPF Strategic Partnership Alliance. The TPF Alliance is currently being formalized.


Music & the Arts

Universities & Academic Institutions

We gratefully acknowledge open source research papers funded and developed by the following institutions:

Indigenous Tribes & Gatherings

Civil Society

Open Source & Peer-to-Peer Initiatives

Crypto & Blockchain Platforms

To transit from an Age of change to a change of Age, we need new narratives that can inspire and engage us to act together for a better Future and a World that works.




Anneloes (Ph.D.c, LLM) is a published author, storyteller, thrivability systems scientist, and a global catalyst for developing our Future Creative capabilities and Leadership for a Thrivability Civilization. She developed a “Transition Plan for a Thrivability Civilisation”, based on indigenous wisdom principles as part of her PhD research into the systemic transformational change process. She is the author of the Amazon bestseller "Love Letters from Mother Earth - The Promise of a New Beginning"



Lawrence is a global catalyst, environmentalist, businessman, and visionary thinker. He is the Secretary General of the Be Earth Foundation, a UN Inter Governmental Organisation which assists and enables in the implementation of the SDGs on behalf of those Countries with which it has Treaties. Lawrence is a trustee of the Dakia Global Foundation, and sits as director on a number of subsidiary Boards managing the Hotel Joint Venture with the Universal Music Group (UMG). He was recently voted by SALT magazine as among the top 25 most Conscious Global Leaders.



Anita (Ph.D), Aztec and Mexican-American, is a published author, consultant, trainer and executive coach who has worked for four decades of providing training and coaching to tens of thousands of global leaders and their teams in diversity and inclusion, leadership, culture and positive change. She specializes in indigenous wisdom, diversity and inclusion, leadership, culture and promoting positive change in our world. She is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and the author of the international bestseller, “The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times”,

The vision keepers, together with the Tipping Point Council, are supported by a core team of technologists, strategists, artists and academics who work tirelessly on building the core code of the Tipping Point Festival.

TPF is real-life coming together of the Eagle and the Condor.

The TPF Organising Team

Michael Haupt, Co-Founder TomorrowMakers, Coherence Architect, Technologist, Writer, Speaker, Concerned Dad - Cape Town, SA. [email protected] 

Tom Harper, Co-Founder, Stop Reset Go, Festival Architect, Circular Economy MBA - Northampton, UK. [email protected] 

James (Gien) Wong, Co-Founder, Stop Reset Go, Metasystem Architect, General Systems Theorist, Social Weaver, Future Ancestor - Cape Town, SA. [email protected] 

Anneloes Smitsman PhD(c), CEO & Founder, EARTHwise Centre, Thrivability Systems Architect, Author, Speaker - Mauritius. [email protected]

About the Tipping Point Festival

The Tipping Point Festival (TPF) is a 10-year Large Scale Collective Action strategy that can move us out of the dualistic systems that have kept humanity divided for so long, by facilitating  a middle-path of convergence between the bottom-up and top-down alliances and movements.

The aim is to engage at least 25% of each city’s residents (the empirically validated threshold at which rapid adoption happens) in city-specific tactics to ‘bend the curve’ of human impact in each city. Over a ten-year period the significant investment of human capital from ordinary citizens, will create sufficiently connected and empowered cities, capable of collectively achieving the global SDGs by 2030.

The TPF framework emerged out of 6+ years of sense-making within Stop-Reset-Go, conceived as a way to synthesize a number of critical scientific, psychological, socio-economic and ecological frameworks. TPF recently moved to EARTHwise Centre to benefit from additional organizational support to help it grow further. EARTHwise Centre acts as Custodian for the project and contributed its thrivability growth models and thrivability transition plan to the further development of the TPF framework. You can explore an overview of the Tipping Point Festival here.


Your Invitation:

Help us build coherence for a planetary, systemic Tipping Point

What is clear is that humanity needs to create new codes and systems together - the time of working in silos is over. Hence, we are inviting you as a co-creative partner to further develop the Tipping Point with us. Join us on a 6-week online journey to build on the very basic framework we've developed to this point. We are now ready to receive and integrate YOUR wisdom, genius, and experience. 

For the sake of humanity and our planet, please take this leap of faith with us.


Yes, I have something valuable to add

I understand that over the next 6 weeks I'll be introduced to the TPF framework and that I'll be asked to add coherence to what exists already. This is what I'm committed to: to help shift the system.

Privacy Notice

We fully respect your privacy. You can read our full Privacy Policy here. Briefly, all email information is kept confidential and will not be used for any other purpose without your permission. When you express interest in adding coherence to TPF, you will receive a sequence of automated emails which will quickly bring you up to speed on the Tipping Point Festival. The information you receive will allow you to explore the inner workings and meta-strategy of the Tipping Point Festival. Once you've reviewed the material, and see strong value alignment, we invite you to formally join the TPF Partnership Alliance. There is nothing for sale in the TPF email sequence.


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