Knowing yourself and your brand is a leadership responsibility.


Create your conscious brand as an authentic reflection of your ESSENCE, by embarking on a journey of discovery with me, Justine Page ~ Founder of THE ESSENCE EFFECT™

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Let me show you how to step into your leadership by creating your own brand from your heart and your unique ESSENCE!

Over the years I have been fortunate to work with inspirational leaders. One thing, which has always fascinated me is how each one of them is self aware of who they are and the gifts they have. I have grown to understand this to be their unique ESSENCE, which they all bring forward when they show up as their best version of themselves. This is also the fundamental step in embarking on the process of creating your own Brand through a journey of discovery.

And I want this for you too…


So, how do we begin?

Watch my FREE webinar and I will show you how to create your own Brand Identity through your Essence.

There are so many brands out there in the world. How do you create one that is truly yours and which attracts the tribe you are meant to serve.   With so much noise and distraction, it is difficult to have clarity around your own voice and your own message. This clarity is fundamental in everything you do and is the critical first step. Once you have that clarity you can begin creating consistency throughout your message. The consistency and continuity of all communication around your brand then leads to confidence. And with that confidence, you will be unstoppable.

If this resonates with you, then you are ready for the journey through THE ESSENCE EFFECT™, which unfolds through SEVEN stages. Three of these focus on the internal brand work and three focus on the external reflection and expression of the inner work. And, the seventh and most important stage is the the single point, where the external and internal work converges. This is the HEART, the ESSENCE of your brand.

During our time together I will share with you...

  • Why connecting with your brand is a leadership responsibility
  • Why creating a company culture begins with you and your team who embody your brand
  • How conscious branding is the act of being intentional around the process of creating a mark and an identity for yourself or the organisation you represent.
  • How to access your Essence and step into confidence around what your brand is and how you show up in the world 
  • How to connect with who you really are and what you want your message to be 
  • Why having brand clarity will save you time and money and get you and your team on the same PAGE 
  • The 7 step process of THE ESSENCE EFFECT™ that unlocks your unique BRAND CODE
  • My story about creating a self-brand and why I believe it is our leadership responsibility to have a clear brand 

About Me

My name is Justine Page and I am a strategic thought partner, consultant, coach, facilitator, and public speaker, with over 20 years of multinational and multicultural experience, in marketing, branding and personal development. My passion is transforming individuals and companies from the inside out through the empowering process of connecting people with their unique essence.

As a former executive at one of the World’s leading advertising and marketing companies in New York, I was responsible for a $20 million business, growing international brands, working with blue chip companies and developing award winning campaigns.  My Clients included, among others:  Procter&Gambel, GlaxoSmithKline, HBO, State New York Tourism Board, ING Bank, British American Tobacco, Starwood Hotels, Axel Springer Publishing, Gerber Foods, Hochland Dairy Products, Ray-Ban, Raytheon, Topps.  

I grew up in New York, but my work and life adventure has turned me into a global citizen.  I have now worked and lived in ten countries across five continents:  USA, UK, Poland, Ukraine, Malaysia, Maldives, Hong Kong, China, Australia, and Mauritius.  

Working in the advertising industry has been an incredible ride and I enjoyed every moment of it. But…

… there came a time when I just did not feel I fit in that world any more. I no longer wanted to be part of a system that encouraged people to buy stuff they didn’t need. I no longer wanted to be part of the problem; I wanted to be part of the solution.

And, so I left that world, founded my own consulting business and began working with conscious businesses. Through my own journey of personal transformation and tuning into my core essence, I was able to combine what I loved doing, with empowering others in helping them create their own conscious brands. I developed a process of creating brands from a place of WHOLENESS, enabling us all to THRIVE. I call this THE ESSENCE EFFECT™.

I now "see things differently!"

About Justine Page


And, now I want to show you how you can see things differently, too ...

What people are saying about



"The Essence Effect is marketing like no other - I now feel so connected to my messaging - and yes, to myself." 

TEE is marketing like no other - I now feel so connected to my messaging - and yes, to myself.  My new core essence words are the lens through which I now view my work.  It has made everything so much clearer - and embodied.  Marketing to me has always felt "fake".  But now it feels right - and something I am meant to do. - Kelly Taylor, USA

“Restored my self-confidence.”

Being guided and coached by Justine changed so much about how I think about myself and life. She taught me how to ‘create’ the life you want by envisioning each step.  She restored my self-confidence by showing me how people perceived me – something that I never realized.  She guided me through accepting, understanding and changing negative past beliefs. And finally – she helped me build a picture of the future I deserve. Thank you, for guiding me back to my essence. - Lizelle Kemp, SOUTH AFRICA

"Each week offered new insights, new perspectives and a new way to access parts of our selves."

I LOVED every module, appreciated every aspect of YOUR ESSENCE as you guided us so gently but so clearly through the pathways to our own essence.  Each week offered new insights, new perspectives and a new way to access parts of our selves. I am SO looking forward to using every morsel of each process and exercise you shared. - Jan Gregory, CANADA

“I have rediscovered myself.”

Facing a major milestone in my life, Justine helped me transition from standing still and stagnating, to moving forward with a positive outlook.  Giving me techniques to reflect on the past and how to face life differently in the future.  To consider me first, in all of my decisions and to take the non trodden path to fulfillment as opposed to the easier, familiar one.  I have rediscovered myself and I now hold the key to my life and my business firming in my grasp. - Alexa Anderson, UNITED KINGDOM

"Vision becomes reality.

Justine brought me profound clarity, self-confidence and helped me value my true worth. Within two months, as she had promised, I was working solidly again and the opportunities still emerge. I started tapping into the abundance of the Universe again, by understanding and creating from my deeper truths. Vision becomes reality. I am more visible and inspire others in small steps, as I wished. I have learnt to create my support system. I think growth, abundance, joy and harmony. - Rubina Ruhee, MAURITIUS

"TEE is a complete integrated holistic process that is an invitation to be who you are so you can be felt through your brand."

The Essence Effect has given me a new perspective on branding. My old belief is that brands were created in boardrooms through brain storming. Come up with a design and a message and you would be good to go. TEE is a complete integrated holistic process that is an invitation to be who you are so you can be felt through your brand.  - Jojo Bailey, UNITED KINGDOM

TEE, I came to realize that branding is an opportunity for me to get clear on who I am, how I am perceived, and to use the “essence” of who I am as the seed for all creativity.

The Essence Effect lead by Justine Page is an experience as well as a resource of information.  Branding, to me, was going to be about putting myself in a box.  After TEE, I came to realize that branding is an opportunity for me to get clear on who I am, how I am perceived, and to use the “essence” of who I am as the seed for all creativity, communications and service from my business.  I now have a call sheet to use that I keep beside me whenever I’m connecting with a client, serving a potential customer, or creating a new program or workshop.  It keeps me aligned and consistent in my message and mission.  I find this invaluable! - Ellie Ballentine, CANADA

"The Essence Effect is much more inclusive than the typical 'business' way of looking at branding."

THE ESSENCE EFFECT has absolutely changed the way I understand and look at branding. It has given me a deeper, wider, and stronger perspective of what branding is.  It is much more inclusive than the typical "business" way of looking at branding, as it incorporates all of who you are at a deeper level and how to express yourself fully in the world using your business as the vehicle for this fullest self expression.  I received the most clarity on my core values as that has changed from what I had previously thought my core values were. - Nicole Pham, USA



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