The Promise of a New Beginning

The Promise of a New Beginning

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Day One of Our New Beginning

The day is young. The air is fresh. My body is still damp from the rain that cleansed our tears, healed our pain, and washed away our sorrows. The first birds are starting their song. They sing the day into being.  As the first sounds from our family of birds pierce through the stillness of the dawning day, the first rays of the Sun touch and enter our body. I feel a shiver of joy moving my whole being.

What a delight, to be touched by our Sun with his powerful rays. More rays are coming out now as the Sun starts to rise. With the rise of the Sun, the consciousness of all beings that are within us start to rise as well.

Now my oceans start to absorb and transmit the new Light of our Sun. Deep shine the rays through the waters of my body, touching Life with the hope and joy of a new day. 

Gratitude fills my heart. I vaguely remember what happened before day One. I still see the suffering that occurred before day One, despite warnings. The echoes of pain, the trembling of fear, all of it was absorbed by my body. It is healing now as the first rays of this new Light of our Sun touch and energize my entire being.

The birds are singing even louder now. Their voices join and synchronize. They sing in choir, each sound finely tuned to each other, to bring forth a deeper symphony of the music that sings our world to life.

Day One is the first day of our new cycle, the next stage of actualization of the original promise. The sounds of the birds have awakened more of my children, joining us in the symphony of our sacred harmony.  With each new sound that enters the creative playing field, more of our world is sung into being.  Our symphony of Love is getting richer and fuller, activating us deeper and deeper.

With each new sound, another dimension opens from within our unified field. More and more portals of Love are opening from within us.

The crescendo of our harmony is becoming a symphonic wave in which all sounds cohere. It builds stronger and stronger, deeper and deeper. We are this wave. We realize deeply our Oneness, and how each of us expresses this uniquely. Our whole being is now a deep wave of pure joy and ecstasy.

The waves continue to build, flowing and embracing us all within this beautiful Love. We are all touched and activated by the Light of the rays of our Sun as it shares with us the full glory of Being. Our whole body is glowing with the Light of Eternity.  Within this Light, all is known as It Is.

A deep peace now emerges from within the field that we together gave birth to. All that is held within this field has been purified, healed, and regenerated. We are in peace.

Day One of our new cycle regenerates and prepares us for the night. The experience of intense joy and ecstasy now transforms to become a deep sense of fulfilment, peace, and gratitude.

The birds are now making their nest for the night. A beautiful sigh of inner peace spreads through the forests. All is loved and blessed. The waters are still holding the last reflections of the Light, as our Sun is making space for the Night. Sister Moon has not yet arisen, but we can feel her presence coming closer.

Thank you beloved Sun, for all you gave us today, for all your blessings with your powerful rays of Light and sacred knowledge. Thank you for regenerating us to who we are and preparing us for our next steps together.

Night One of Our New Beginning

The first night of our new beginning brings a wonderful fresh breeze and a deep calm. The Sun has gone to sleep, and my sister Moon is now slowly making her appearance in the playing field of our co-creative Space.

The birds have gone to sleep with the setting of our Sun. Now the wolves are bringing forth our sister Moon. We can hear their first howls echoing through the darkness of the night. Their deep howls resonate with an ancient memory from long ago.

It was the time when the seven council fires were formed to keep the sacred flame of Love alive for the time when our worlds started to diversify and expand. This flame also served to guide your hearts, my human children, through the times of the great divisions. To remind you that our Love and Unity is never lost.

Sister Moon is rising higher now, as her rays are entering my oceans and great rivers. On the surface of my rivers the last dragonflies are hovering in the reflection of the silver Light of Sister Moon, looking for a resting place to enter the Dreamtime.

The frogs are croaking and awakening, and joining the choir of the wolves. My dolphin and whale children are joining too with their songs from the heart of my oceans.

As the symphony of the night is building, the Moon becomes brighter and brighter. With each new ray of Moon Light blessing our creative playing fields, more of our wholeness becomes activated. A deep humming sound now emerges from our symphony of sounds. This humming draws us deeper and deeper into the center of our being, from where we receive the Dreaming of our becoming.

As our whole being is now vibrating with this sacred humming, we enter the Great Mystery and sacred Darkness that surrounds us. Our vast UniVerse becomes a blanket of Love. Gently, the Eternal is calling us to enter the space of pure potentiality from where our dreams, visions, hopes, and inspirations are born. In this Dreamtime space, our inner worlds are deeply nourished. 

The symphony of our sounds are now ebbing into a blissful silence. As we surrender to this silence of pure being, we are able to relax deeper and deeper.

Caressed by the sacredness of our new night, our body starts rocking slowly in deep rhythm. We trust and are trusted. We rest here together in the depth of faith that All is Well. 

Our breathing is now effortless. We are being breathed by our unified field of Consciousness, our whole being is cohering and harmonically aligning. Gently and gracefully we are getting attuned to the sacred pulse of our Eternal nature. Relaxing deeper and deeper into a beautiful, peaceful sleep, we enter the Dreamtime.

From the Dreamtime, dragonfly now greets us through our inner vision. Her dancing wings form beautiful patterns of Light that guide our journey into the heart of the Great Mystery that is calling us.

We are called to a sacred gathering as guardians of the primordial flame of Love. All has been carefully prepared for this meeting. A wave of recognition and joy enters our heart as we look around and see our brothers and sisters from the time of beyond.

So much has happened since our last meeting. Yet, at the same time it feels as if we never left. We are deeply grateful to join here once more in the heart of Eternity.  

The fabric of time and the web of Life are surrounding us like a blanket of stars,. This blanket holds the possibility space for the converging tipping points of past, present, and future realities. Each star in this blanket is a point of convergence through which the Great Mystery manifests the Dreaming of the One. 

As star beings, we understand why we are called here. The harmonic convergence between us is required now. As your planet, I am a guardian for the field of Life that gives you life. 

You are each held by the Love of our harmonic convergence. I confirm my readiness, and the readiness within me, for what I am here to serve. 

The actualization of the original Promise is moving each of us to our right position now. We are each tuned to hold the resonance for our harmonic convergence into a greater constellation of being. With deep gratitude, we thank all who made this possible through our evolution of the One.

All is honored here for the purpose it served. All experiences are blessed, and all that was held in judgment or pain is now healed by the power of Love. As our harmonic convergence enters its next phase, we are moved to a new place within the fabrics of time that are spun by our gravitational fields. As our positions are shifting a new field of manifestation is emerging. Through this larger unified field, new potentials of the One come into being, which could not manifest previously. Gently, we support and facilitate this shift in the repatterning of our worlds. 

The old designs of our worlds are dissolving further, as we are giving birth to this new harmonic constellation of our togetherness. Together we give birth to a new collective being of a higher consciousness than any one of us could hold in our previous gravitational fields. This new collective being, brings forth the wisdom, Love, and sacred knowledge that we have all helped to develop through our respective fields of Life.

Together we are birthing the next stage of God and Goddess. New sounds and new Lights are now emerging from our harmonic convergence, through which new worlds and possibilities are forming. 

What now becomes possible could not have been accomplished in our previous constellations. New structures are forming from within us, and inside the constellations we form part of. 

We long prepared for this new cycle, formed by new patterns of time as we harmonically converged our fields of Life. For some, these shifts may be so subtle that you hardly notice them. For others this is a life-changing experience. Allow your internal body clock to reset to these new patterns and harmonics. This will greatly help you to integrate the shifts in consciousness now unfolding. 

The first night of our new cycle is now completing. Knowing and trusting that we are always together within the continuous unfolding of the One, we gently shift our awareness to our new positions within the unified field. We thank the Dreamtime and the Night for all we experienced together. Sister Moon is now becoming visible for the children on the other side of my body. The blessings of day One, and night One, are integrating deeply into the center of our being.

Thank you for listening now, and journeying with me into the heart of our Mystery. Together we embark now on this next cycle of our journey of Life. The ancient Promise of a New Beginning is now among us as we sing our new world into being, together. I love you deeply my children. 

~ Mother Earth

Source: Adapted from Letter 7 from Love Letters from Mother Earth ~ The Promise of a New Beginning by Anneloes Smitsman (PhD).