Envisioning a Thriving World

Envisioning a Thriving World

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“Imagine yourself walking in the blossoming, abundant field of life of a future world of the emerging new era. In this world the children are happy and thriving; the elders are cared for and honored for their lifetime contributions. In this world humanity behaves as a wise and caring partner with all of life, with cultures rooted in compassion and acting as responsible future ancestors.

It is a world with cities, villages, and communities that bio mimic the incredible intelligence and wisdom of nature. It is a thriving home for all; a world in which our societal systems and technologies honor and work with the life-giving capacities of our Earth to regenerate the multiple dimensions of life we share. 

Experience how our societies have become fertile gardens of abundance that are overflowing with art, song, music, dance, and joy. It is a world with healthy air, drinkable rivers, and oceans that teem with life. The cities and habitats mimic the living Cosmic architecture of nature. Buildings and bio digital materials and objects are now designed to be biodegradable—restoring the biodiversity of our planet and serving as collaborative ecological niches for cohabitation with other species.

The buildings and houses in which we live serve as living solar cells that harvest the abundant energy of our sun, and all of our societies are designed to operate as a continual lifecycle in partnership with nature, and without waste.

This is a world where animals are no longer slaughtered for food production. Humanity grows and shares its food in regenerative and compassionate ways. Each person is living the exquisite genius of their personal and collective potentials. Human beings have become the future humans of a whole new era in consciousness as Cosmic architects of a thrivable world that works for all.

Animals, insects, forests, rivers, oceans, soils, skies, and Nature herself are celebrated and safe. It is a world formed through collaborative and inclusive agreements based on living constitutions and covenants that enact and steward the eternal bonds of our unity. Life’s abundance is fairly distributed. 

This is a world that you helped to form as its future ancestor, as a Cosmic architect and evolutionary catalyst born from the future potentials that you brought to life.

Take your time to enjoy and explore this possible world with all of its marvelous qualities, features, and ways…

When you feel ready, you may gently complete this process, being fully present, here and now. Allow the integration of this future world to happen naturally through the actualization of your future human potentials.”

~ Adapted from chapter 11, Return of the Avatars: The Cosmic Architect Tools of Our Future Becoming, by Anneloes Smitsman and Jean Houston.