Our Programs

Empowering YOU and our EARTH to thrive together. 

Our online courses and Masterclasses have been designed to support you to explore and actualize your unique potential for this time, as well as developing the leadership wisdom and capacities for our personal and societal transformations.  


Our Transformation Journeys

The Leadership Quest

This online 7 week Leadership Transformation Journey is facilitated by Dr Anneloes Smitsman with inspirational bonus videos from our personal conversations with esteemed evolutionary leaders. This Quest brings profound transformation and provides access to essential wisdom, through a life-long foundation for actualizing your evolutionary leadership potentiaL


PsyCoaching for Optimum Being

ThIs online & in-person PsyCoaching Program is offered by Dr Kurt Barnes based on his proven practices and techniques for personal and professional development, wellness optimisation, and relaxation. Learn how to achieve a state of calm and clarity during challenging times, and optimise your consciousness states for enhanced resourcefulness. 


The Essence Effect

This online 7 week Creative Journey is facilitated by Justine Page. Through key practices and teachings that are based tangible marketing and brand creation tools and the EARTHwise Wholeness Code, you gain clarity and mastery of the way you present and share your story, your creations and YOUR BRAND.


The Future Archetypes

Explore,  experience, and master the wisdom powers and consciousness states from the: Wholeness Coder, Future Creative, Evolutionary Catalyst, Pattern Weaver, and New Paradigm Storyteller. Through this online 7 weeks Transformation Journey Anneloes Smitsman will offer in-depth practice for each these Archetypes. 


Making Your Dame's & Knight's Shield

BE the Future by making your personal protective Shield to manifest who you truly are. This method and its transmissions are based on the ancient Knight's Wisdom. Discover your innate powers and your Future Code through this  online Transformation Program over 5 weeks with Dr Kurt Barnes, evergreen access. 


EARTHwise Monthly Masterclass

Enrolment open now through EARTHwise Membership. Each first week of the Month we host an online 1-hour Masterclass with our top Facilitators for our members, with each middle of the month a 1 hour online Evolutionary Learning Circle to deepen our understanding and practice.



Our Coaching & Mentorship Programs

Sessions with Dr Kurt Barnes

Dr Kurt Barnes is well known for his capacity to bring people into the states of consciousness required for unlocking our inner genius and optimising our wellness. He provides personal and professional support through PsyCoaching, Therapy, Biofeedback, and Naturopathy combined with Neuro-Optimization.  


Coaching & Mentorship

Our One-on-One Coaching and Mentoring Sessions support your personal and professional development and mastery through the 5 Future Archetypes ~ igniting, catalyzing and actualizing your excellence potential with grace, love, and creative wisdom. Available online and in-person.



Corporate Training Programs

Corporate Training Programs

Our Corporate Training Courses support you, your teams, and your organization to optimize, thrive and flourish. 


EARTHwise Value Currencies™

Our Value Currencies™ Training provides companies with a behavioural system for value-creation and thrivability. 


What Global Leaders are saying about us and our Programs ...

"In my blessed life’s journey I have had the true privilege of meeting some extraordinary and remarkable Souls. Anneloes Smitsman is up there with the best of the very best. From vision to strategy, from strategy to tactics, from tactics to operations, she is a profound and very rare master. I recommend her unhesitatingly, and celebrate our personal friendship and her gift of mentorship to me." ~ Lawrence Bloom, Secretary General, Be Earth Foundation and Chairman, Dakia Global Enterprise, voted by SALT magazine as among the top 25 most Conscious Global Leaders

"The Leadership Quest online program is an excellent training. It has been supporting our youth future leaders in developing their skills, consciousness, and vision to make a meaningful difference in the world. I highly recommend this training to anyone who is dedicated to developing themselves for the good of our world and the future generations. As a Guest Teacher for this course, I am supporting this Quest by sharing here our 16 Founding Principles, which provides the foundation for how we can develop through deep inclusion and participation the New Civilization of a United Humanity.” ~ Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr., Global Leader and Founder of Four Worlds International Institute, recipient of numerous international Awards, including the prestigious Windstar Award and the Award for Freedom and Human Rights

"Anneloes Smitsman is the leading edge in the studies of consciousness and reality.  Her profound explorations in self evolution, quantum physics and social change are both thrilling and unique. If you want to be in the forefront of the emerging art and science of the kind of  leadership that can 'be the difference that makes the difference' then enroll immediately in her Programs.”  ~ Dr. Jean Houston, Chancellor, Meridian University, Award-winning Author & co-Founder of the Human Potential Movement

"We live in the most crucial epoch in the recent history of humanity. We are threatened by multiple crises that add up to the basic insight: the path we are traveling is not sustainable. We need to rethink where we are going, and change the way we go. We need to BE the change we want to see in the world.  This calls for leadership — leading ourselves to be the change we need. This is perhaps the most vital quest of our time. Joining the programs for leadership through the initiatives of Anneloes Smitsman could be one of the most effective steps you could now take.  I hope you will take it." ~ Dr Ervin Laszlo, Philosopher of Science, Evolutionary Systems Theorist, and Award-winning Author, twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

"Through her writing and teaching, Anneloes’s authenticity and wisdom radiate with a crystal clarity and resonate with compassionate grace. Gently she guides readers and students through journeys of inner and outer discovery, inspiring and empowering them to re-member their own true selves and sense of purpose. As a teacher, guide and companion, she is a loving and hopeful gift of Spirit to the world." ~ Dr Jude Currivan, Cosmologist, Planetary Healer and Award-winning Author

What Our Corporate Clients Say ... 

“I am very happy with the outcomes of this training. This has enabled our young employees to discover their potential, and develop new skills so as to better face the very demanding day-to day life circumstances.” 

Patrice Ithier

Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB)

“This course will enable the young of today to be aware of their potential and improve their life as a whole. It fills the gap where their education and upbringing has missed out on the development of these important ‘soft skills ’.”

Management Team

Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB)

“EARTHwise Value Currencies focus on what we can generate, give, exchange and transact in order to co-create experiences of mutual values. It was a real pleasure to share this training with all the LUX Management Team.” 

Christophe Adam

Sales & Marketing Manager

"The coaching helped me to change deep-seated habit-patterns that no longer serve me and enabled me to step forward into who I really am. It has allowed me to really get to know a much deeper part of myself and to understand how life supports me as I support life.”

Adrienne Shall

Coach & Facilitator


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