Singing Our World Together

Earth Songs for uniting our worlds



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Singing Our World Together

Tipping Point Earth Songs unite our worlds through the harmonic power of sound, song, and narrative.

The EARTHwise Tipping Point Collaboratory and Indigenous Wisdom Council are working on the co-creation of Earth Songs, led by award-winning composer Sasha Siem, to bring the voices of humanity together for the healing of our world by cohering collective consciousness. Currently in development - more updates soon! 

Inspired by two books that share the stories of the promise of a new era: 

Uniting Our World Musically

The covid-19 crisis has shown us even more clearly the importance of uniting and healing our world. Divided we fall united we thrive.

To unite and heal our world we need:

  • A common language that inspires and engages;
  • A common invitation to contribute to a world and future that belongs to us all. 

After many years of research, we have started the development of an innovative music-based digital social innovation platform. Our aim is to gather the voices of humanity and create a common song for Mother Earth. In the process, we will learn how to become a social tipping point for a thrivable world. 

Tipping Point team member, Prof dr. Sabine Brunswicker and her team of scientists and developers at Purdue University's Research Center for Open Digital Innovation  have taken up the role of leading the development of this social innovation platform in partnership with our Tipping Point Collaboratory and SEEDS. Prof. Sabine Brunswicker and her interdisciplinary team of scientists, designers, artists, and platform engineers can build upon several years of scientific research and practical development experiences on how to design digital platforms for co-creative social innovation. With support of the U.S. National Science Foundation, they have worked with thousands of challenge participants around the world to scientifically validate how digital technologies can give individuals, like artists, 'voices' and 'hands' for social innovation.  


Discover your Voice for Social Change

Get inspired by this beautiful version of Elton John's Your Song, by TPS Music Director, Sasha Siem.