Singing Our World Into Being

Tipping Point World Songs



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Singing Our World Into Being

Tipping Point World Songs, uniting our world through the transformative power of music, narrative, and song 

The EARTHwise Tipping Point Collaboratory and Indigenous Wisdom Council are working on the co-creation of World Songs, led by award-winning composer Sasha Siem, to bring the voices of humanity together for the healing of our world. 

Inspired by the amazon bestseller "Love Letters from Mother Earth -  The Promise of a New Beginning" by EARTHwise founder Dr Anneloes Smitsman, 

Join us to ignite the heart of our world and usher in a new era.

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Uniting Our World Through Conscious Music

The covid-19 crisis has shown us even more clearly the importance of uniting and healing our world. Divided we fall united we thrive.

To unite and heal our world we need:

  • A common language each of us can understand and feel in our heart;
  • A common invitation to participate in a larger process that includes us all.

Welcome to our TPS World Song creation process where your voice matters and everyone is welcome to become a positive tipping point for social change. 

After many years of research, we started the development of an innovative music-based digital social innovation platform. Our aim is to gather the voices of humanity and create a common song for Mother Earth. In the process, we will learn how to become a social tipping point for a thrivable world. 

Tipping Point team member, Prof dr. Sabine Brunswicker and her brilliant team of scientists and developers at Purdue University's Research Center for Open Digital Innovation  have taken up the role of leading the development of our social innovation platform in partnership with our Tipping Point Collaboratory. Prof. Sabine Brunswicker and her interdisciplinary team of scientists, designers, artists, and platform engineers can build upon several years of scientific research and practical development experiences on how to design digital platforms for co-creative social innovation. With support of the U.S. National Science Foundation, they have worked with thousands of challenge participants around the world to scientifically validate how digital technologies can give individuals, like artists, 'voices' and 'hands' for social innovation.  

Here is how you can help ...

Your tax-deductible donation will support us to complete the development of the Tipping Point digital platform for making it possible to include each of our voices for social change.


Discover your Voice for Social Change

Get inspired by this beautiful version of Elton John's Your Song, by TPS Music Director, Sasha Siem.

Tipping Point Digital Platform

Singing Our World Into Being

A taste of what we are working on...

Our Tipping Point digital platform is being developed by Purdue University and aims to connect three key actors to co-create a generative social tipping point:

  • Creators
    (musicians, artists, cultural creatives) who co-create songs throughout an iterative process.
  • Advisors
    (experts in “thrivability” focused not only on sustainability but also social and human capital to regenerate planetary, social, cognitive as well as spiritual resources) who advise artists in defining their call for action.
  • Listeners
    (you, me, and people around the world) who help the  creators to learn about the impact potential of their lyrics and sounds for mobilizing generative actions in care for our planet and our world. 
What is unique about this platform...

This digital platform offers creatives a range of novel features for driving social innovation:

  • OUR SONGS: Access to the community’s co-created songs prior to the global release of the tipping point playlists (e.g. via Spotify and other channels).
  • MY STUDIO: A space to create and upload different versions of your song (its audio, its narrative) with features to implement the song’s call for actions (e.g. donations related to the song).
  • MY RESULTS: Access to feedback from advisors and listeners as well as access to song analytics (e.g. “danceability”, listener engagement, and more).
  • MY SOCIAL NETWORK: Access to a dialogue forum to engage with other creatives. 
  • MY LAB: Tools, resources, and tutorials to learn about digital music production, “thrivability,” social innovation, and much more. 
Key benefits of this digital tool for social innovation
  • Empowers you to (further) develop your artistic and creative talents and voice for action (even if you think you have no musical skills);
  • Helps you to develop your generative impact in the world;
  • Inclusion in our community of incredible talent who are singing our world and trees to life with their powerful voices for action;
  • Opportunity for you to be featured in our Top 100 Music Chart from entries all over the world, in every language and from many cultures;
  • Tips, techniques and training on how to move your entry up the charts;
  • The opportunity to develop your creative talents and skills for planetary and personal change (you won't learn these skills in any school or college!);
  • Access to local communities of extraordinary individuals committed to a thriving world. for all;
  • The unique opportunity to learn from indigenous wisdom keepers about the spiritual power of song, story, sound, and dance;
  • The opportunity to create and share your Voice for Action with people around the world, and co-create a global Song for Action;
  • And much, much more!
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