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as we emerge from darkness to enter a decade of hope and inspiration.


Watch a recording of the event that launched the Golden Decade:

Let's be frank just for a minute: the human condition is in a dark, dark place. Despite massive societal outcries, countless climate crisis protests, and decades of high-level meetings on Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and numerous Climate Accords, we are still on a business as usual trajectory that leads to untold suffering and irreparable human and ecosystemic collapse as well as future generational loss. To make matters worse, there is a distinct lack of leadership when it comes to addressing the human condition.

Quite clearly, our task is predominantly metaphysical, for it is how to get all of humanity to educate itself swiftly enough to generate spontaneous social behaviors that will avoid extinction.”― Buckminster Fuller

In humanity's darkest hours, we invite you to join us in a very special movement that brings forth the light for entering into a Golden Decade (2020-2030) which, according to many indigenous prophecies and climate scientists, constitutes a Point of No Return.




Chloe Goodchild

Author, Composer, Educator, Singing Philosopher. Chloë is author of The Naked Voice – Transform Your Life through the Power of Sound. She is Founder & Director of The Naked Voice and its Charitable Foundation, an international community, dedicated to the practice and evolution of compassionate communication.

Vera Brandes MSc

Director of the Research Program for Music-Medicine at Paracelsus Medical University, Austria, Vice President of the International Association for Music and Medicine, international program director for the Mozart & Science Congress, and member of the scientific advisory board of the Fritz Albert Popp Institute.

Julene Siddique

Artist and Scientist dedicated to social and planetary impact through sound and music. As a transdisciplinary scientist she has studied the physics of sound as well as cognitive and social aspects of music. As a Composer classically trained at The Royal College of Music and inventor of 'Musical Nutrition'. Founder and CEO of Nada Brahma Ltd.

Chief Phil Lane Jr.

Enrolled member of the Ihanktonwan Dakota and Chickasaw Nations, and is a citizen of both Canada and the United States. With master's degrees in Education at National University and Public Administration at the University of Washington, Chief Phil Lane Jr. is an internationally recognized indigenous leader in human and community development.

Anita Sanchez PhD

Author, consultant, trainer and executive coach who has worked with tens of thousands of global leaders and teams around the world. Specializes in indigenous wisdom, diversity and inclusion, leadership, culture and promoting positive change in our world. Author of the international bestseller, “The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times”.

Lawrence Bloom

Global catalyst and environmentalist. He is the Secretary General of the Be Earth Foundation, a UN Inter Governmental Organisation. Lawrence also sits as Director on a number of Dakia Boards one of which connects with the Hotel Joint Venture with the Universal Music Group (UMG).

Hosted by

Anneloes Smitsman

Founder & CEO of EARTHwise Centre. Author, and a global catalyst for our Future Creative Leadership for a Thrivability Civilization. She developed a “Transition Plan for a Thrivability Civilisation”, based on indigenous wisdom principles as part of her PhD research. Anneloes is the Tipping Point System architect. 

Kurt Barnes

Founder & Chair of EARTHwise Centre.  Senior psychologist, communication strategist, naturopathic physician, and international psycho-social expert who has worked in this capacity among migrants in Africa (I.O.M), providing training and consultancy to improve their living conditions and eco-psychological health. 

The Tipping Point Power of Sound & Music

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ― Nikola Tesla

Sound and music are key strategies during the Golden Decade. Using music, we have a unique opportunity to turn chaos into order. In this unique online event, you'll be introduced to the Tipping Point System: an all-encompassing strategic and holistic response to the human condition that can move us from dread to thrivability, from catastrophe to transformation, from helplessness to action, from fear to hope - with music playing a key role in catalyzing this transformation, backed by a strong evidence-based approach.

You will also be invited to contribute your voice to a movement that will carry the Solstice Light into the world to prepare for the birth of our Golden Decade. 

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” ~ Socrates (Dan Millman, Way of the Peaceful Warrior)

New Paradigm Sciences provide fascinating and life-changing insights about the power of Sound as in-forming all of Creation. When we start to understand Sound as informational communication from the micro to the macro,  interconnecting individual with interpersonal and Cosmic sound, we can access essential ‘‘sound keys” of understanding that empower us to address, to navigate, and to engage with our greatest societal challenges in whole new ways. The manifesting power for bringing forth our inherent Unity lies within the harmonic keys of Sound. Accordingly, Tipping Point Music works with those Tipping Point Sound Harmonics. 

The Tipping Point Music Initiatives bring together leading sound and music experts, innovators, alchemists, new paradigm scientists, creative solutionaries, soulfully inspired musicians, storytellers and artists who share the same Calling to generate compassionate solutions  for unprecedented actions in the healing of our human family and planetary relationships. 

Through this online event you'll be invited to explore with us the sacred wisdom and transforming power of Sound, together with leading scientists from the emerging Unity Sciences and discover together how we can access, unleash and bring forth the Tipping Point Consciousness States and Creative powers for this Golden Decade of the point of no return. 

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An exceptional opportunity to come together

Communities who survive extreme tragedy are those who cohere quickest. This is an opportunity for humanity to cohere.

The Program

  • 10:00: Welcome by Anneloes Smitsman
  • 10:05: Opening Ceremony with Chloe Goodchild from The Naked Voice Foundation, for “Singing the Field” - a participative Sound Meditation for activating our inner voice and shared presence, and discovering the transforming power of your own naked human voice. 
  • 10:15: Exploring the Harmonic Power of Sound by Vera Brandes.
  • 10:25: The power of Music and Social Tipping Points by Julene Siddique.
  • 10:35: Indigenous Chant & Wisdom by Dr Anita Sanchez.
  • 10:45: The Indigenous Prophecies for this Golden Decade by Chief Phil Lane Jr.
  • 10:55: Tipping Point Music for Igniting a Global Movement by Lawrence Bloom.
  • 11:05: Tipping Point Guided Solstice Meditation by Kurt Barnes and Anneloes Smitsman.
  • 11:15: Online dialogue with participants in small breakout groups.
  • 11:30: Large group online dialogue.
  • 11:45: Solstice Song.
  • 11:50: Closing Ceremony - Igniting the symbolic Tipping Point Torch with the Solstice Light for igniting our Golden Decade of the Point of No Return.

Here's a Taster

of what to expect:

Return now Mother Earth

I want to hear you, I want to hear your voice...

A note to the skeptics, the pragmatists and the technological utopianists

Yes, we know - this all sounds a little woo-woo, but here's why we think this is a worthy investment o your time.

T.S. Kuhn in his Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962) used the term 'paradigm' to refer to the conceptual frameworks and/or worldviews of various scientific communities. For Kuhn, a scientific paradigm includes models—like the planetary model of atoms—and theories, concepts, knowledge, assumptions, and values. The concept of a scientific paradigm was essential to Kuhn's argument that the history of science is characterized by conceptual frameworks giving way to new ones during what he called scientific revolutions.

Kuhn believed that during periods of "normal science" scientists work within the same paradigm. Scientific communication and work proceeds relatively smoothly until anomalies occur or a new theory or model is proposed which requires understanding traditional scientific concepts in new ways, and which rejects old assumptions and replaces them with new ones.

One example would be the transition from the old model of the Earth at the center of creation to a model that put Earth as one of several planets orbiting our sun.

We are currently in a period of transitioning from old models to new models. This event celebrates this transition. If what you’re reading sounds too woo woo and far-fetched, we invite you to suspend disbelief and embrace a journey of exploration. You might be pleasantly surprised!


A Note About Privacy

We take the privacy of your information very seriously. Your details will not be shared with anyone without your permission. There is nothing for sale during this event. Our concern is only about the human condition, and this is our concrete response.

Who Else?

Please feel free to pass on this invitation to others in your circle who may wish to add their voice during the Golden Decade of the Point of No Return.

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