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EARTHwise Centre is a non-profit organization. You can support us as via our Patreon page through a regular donation which supports our long-term financial sustainability, or as a single-donation through the form below. 

Your financial support is of great help for us to continue providing full scholarships for Youth to participate for free in all our online courses and Quest, and continue our EARTHwise Projects and Activities, such as: hosting free webinars to raise awareness and mobilize support for issues like runaway Climate Change and our Ecogenocide. Your donation also supports us to continue providing pro-bono legal strategic support for the issues that require our collective care and support, as we have done for the Maroon Cultural Heritage process in Mauritius, to support the Standing Rock Campaign & the Divestment Movement, the We Stand With Africa campaign, and more.

  • We also support and donate funds and other resources to initiatives that help restore our Planetary Health, protect our vital ecosystems, and stop runaway Climate Change.
  • Our Education Programs have supported over 20,000 students in Mauritius. In collaboration with our partners Four Worlds International Institute, we work closely with indigenous people from around the world.

As a Patron and donor, you help us make a difference where this counts the most. We thank you deeply for your support. If you require a specific tax receipt for your donation, please contact us.

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It is now possible to support us via our Patreon page, where you will see different tiers and ways in which we give back to you in appreciation for the support you are giving to us. Reciprocity is important to us and we deeply value how your support is helping us to grow in healthy interdependent ways. Click on the button below to provide your gift of support via our Patreon page

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About EARTHwise Centre

EARTHwise Centre Ltd (BRN C15131982) is a non-profit CSR registered company (NCSRF/2018/0005) in Mauritius, eligible for receiving CSR funding, and UN and EU international funding for non-profit purposes.

Our non-profit activities, like our EARTHwise Education, Research, and Social Advocacy programs depend on funding support.

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