Thrivability Compass - September 2019

thrivability compass Sep 05, 2019

First of all, we would like to thank you for being part of our EARTHwise Community, where we join hands, hearts and minds to co-create a world where all of us can thrive. 


August has been a creative and fertile month for us at EARTHwise with the launch of two new courses from our EARTHwise Founders: 

Anneloes and Kurt have been invited to join the NOW International Assembly in Delphi, Greece. This Assembly will take place early October. During this Gathering they will also share the EARTHwise Thrivability Growth model, as a concrete contribution. They will share their news from this meeting through the next editions of Thrivability Compass.

The NOW Assembly - Nature Of Wonders is an international gathering of scientists, cultural figures and social practitioners, simultaneously presenting a unified, coherent picture of the world drawn from the most striking scientific breakthroughs and important cultural trends of recent years. Together they transform the system of ideas about the world and humans’ place in it and can possibly lead the humankind out of the civilizational impasse. CLICK HERE to learn more. 


“We cannot change the outer world without becoming conscious of the inner world” ~ Anneloes Smitsman, Love Letters from Mother Earth

Through this section we’d like to share with you the wisdom, personal experiences, and inspiration that supports us to thrive, instead of merely surviving. Over the last week, many people have been asking us, why do we focus on thrivability when it appears we cannot even secure our survivability? For some people it may appear as if we are naive, idealistic, or overly optimistic. Some have even gone as far as claiming that we are not in touch with reality. And yet, what did the word “reality” mean to the inventors of our world when people started to imagine that one day we may be able to fly, and one day we may be able to hear and see each other without physical presence?

So, why not actively imagine and engage the potentiality for our thrivability - precisely now in the midst of chaos, breakdown, and collapse. There has never been a more important time to see into the vast potentialities of Life than now. That journey begins within - hence the message here above that we cannot change the outer world without becoming conscious of the inner world

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Free Webinars

JOIN THIS FREE 60 MIN WEBINAR with Justine Page on September 17th, at 7pm PDT (Pacific Time) for an amazing hour to discover the keys to your Brand Authorship. Learn about Justine’s story about creating a self-brand and why she believes it is our leadership responsibility to have a clear brand. Discover how to access your Essence and step into confidence around what your brand is, and how you show up in the world. Learn how creating a brand can become empowering and easy when we do so from the flow and natural process of creation. CLICK HERE to book your free seat now.

The Making of the Dame’s & Knight’s Shield - 5 week online Course with Dr Kurt Barnes

During this 5-week online course, which starts on 11 September at 10am PDT (Pacific Time), you have the opportunity to learn from Kurt directly how to make your personal Shield based on the ancient Chevalier (Knight and Dame) tradition. You may wonder, how can a personal Knight or Chevalier Shield help me? Through this practice of MAKING YOUR PERSONAL SHIELD, Kurt will support you to discover your connection with the invisible realms as the source of your powers. Furthermore, through the making of your Shield and Kurt’s guided meditations, you learn how to manifest who you came here to be and how to bring this forth in the world. CLICK HERE for more information and to enrol. 

"I followed this course with Dr. Kurt Barnes some months ago and it was of great help for me. Since my adolescence, I felt like I had an inner force which I could not develop positively to enhance my personality. When I followed this course, Kurt showed how to retrieve this inner force and use it positively in my everyday life. Now I have embraced a new career at 42 years because it is within this new orientation that I am able to become the man I want to be. I strongly recommend Kurt's courses to anyone." ~ Maxime Chérubin

The 5 Future Archetypes - 7 week online Course with Anneloes Smitsman

This long-awaited online actualization course by Anneloes Smitsman provides access and support for connecting with our higher dimensional templates of our Universal Human potential, and provides a clear pathway for actualizing our evolutionary growth potential. The program has evolved from her many years of PhD research and decades of working with the alchemy of transformational change for a Thrivability Civilization, based on indigenous wisdom. This 7-week online course starts on 7 October at 10am PDT (Pacific Time), and enables you to learn from Anneloes directly how to access and actualize your evolutionary potential as a Wholeness Coder, Future Creative, Evolutionary Catalyst, Pattern Weaver, and New Paradigm Storyteller. CLICK HERE for more information and to enrol. 

"In my blessed life’s journey I have had the true privilege of meeting some extraordinary and remarkable Souls. Anneloes Smitsman is up there with the best of the very best. From vision to strategy, from strategy to tactics, from tactics to operations, she is a profound and very rare master. I recommend her unhesitatingly, and celebrate our personal friendship and her gift of mentorship to me." ~ Lawrence Bloom, Secretary General, Be Earth Foundation and Chairman, Dakia Global Enterprise, and voted by SALT magazine as among the top 25 most Conscious Global Leaders

Our Next Membership Masterclass & Evolutionary Learning Circle

The September Masterclass took place yesterday and was facilitated by Anneloes Smitsman and Alexander Laszlo. The topics for this Masterclass included the alchemy of transformational change, raising conscious children, and parenting our future becoming together (the recording for this is now online for our EARTHwise Members). The next Masterclass takes place on October 7th, and will be facilitated by Justine Page. The October Masterclass will focus on conscious communication practices and how you can connect with your Essences for your Self Branding. 

The September Evolutionary Learning Circle will take place on 19 September is facilitated by Nicola Hoffman and Meredith Lowry, to support implementation and practice of the Masterclass topics. If you would like to join the Masterclass and Evolutionary Learning online sessions, please join our Membership program by CLICKING HERE. 


On our EARTHwise Website you can find many Thrivability Stories from members of our community and our EARTHwise Team. Here is a short overview of the Stories that have been added: 


Thank you again for being part of our community and living into the deeper questions together with us. Please forward this newsletter to anyone who could benefit from the inspiration and resources provided here. 

With Love, 

The EARTHwise Team



Editors: Anneloes Smitsman and Meredith Lowry

Video Production: Nicola Hoffman


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