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thrivability compass Dec 27, 2019

As we approach the end of the year and reflect back on this year,  we like to start by thanking you for being part of our EARTHwise Community. Whilst this year has seen a worsening of our climate crisis and societal divisions, it has also become evident that people around the world are coming together in shared solidarity for our collective and planetary wellbeing. EARTHwise Centre was created many years ago, precisely for this reason - to provide collective leadership, wisdom, inspiration, and guidance for this important transition time.  Here are some of the highlights of this year for us at EARTHwise Centre and inspiration for consciously entering into our next decade.


Scientific Support for our EARTHwise Programs & Methodology

Our EARTHwise Founder & CEO, Dr Anneloes Smitsman, successfully completed her PhD research at the International Centre for Integrated assessment and Sustainable development (ICIS), Maastricht University, the Netherlands. She received her Degree of Doctor on December 18th, after the defence of her dissertation “Into the Heart of Systems Change”, which features many of the EARTHwise training programs and systemic transformational change strategies that have been developed by Anneloes for this specific transition time. 

 Congratulations Anneloes and thank you for all your tireless work and devoted contribution to the planet and humanity at this time. 

The Tipping Point System - Festivals, Music Concerts, and Projects 

Mid-2019, EARTHwise Centre became the project host for the further development of the Tipping Point Festivals, which was initiated earlier by Stop-Reset-Go under the leadership of Michael Haupt, Gien Wong, and Tom Harper. Anneloes joined their initiative earlier this year, and started to develop the larger thrivability architecture for a Tipping Point System, based on her PhD research, and invited our Indigenous Partners to come on-board to ensure that the TP foundations are also based on Indigenous Wisdom and  Practice. The Tipping Point System (TPS) was born, and over the last few months a strong Partnership Alliance has been growing. We have developed a comprehensive 50-page business plan and are now seeking funding to further develop and implement the various Tipping Point Initiatives and Activities. To learn more about the Tipping Point System and join this Thrivability Movement, CLICK HERE.  

Three New EARTHwise Courses

This year has been fertile and productive for us at EARTHwise with the creation of three new online Courses: the live 5 Future Archetypes on-line course with Dr. Anneloes Smitsman, The Making of the Knight’s Shield with Dr. Kurt Barnes, and The Essence Effect with Justine Page. 

We are delighted to share that if you missed the live participation for those online programs, including The Leadership Quest, you can now join these courses as self-paced and still receive the Evergreen status so you may participate in the next live course offerings that are always new and unique with each live session. See the details below in “OUR UPCOMING EVENTS & PROGRAMS”.

Our EARTHwise Membership online Program

Our EARTHwise Membership continues to expand. We have enjoyed being together for the rich monthly Masterclasses with Anneloes Smitsman, Kurt Barnes,  Alexander Laszlo, Justine Page and Meredith Lowry, as well as the generative conversations and practical skill development through our monthly Evolutionary Learning Circles. At the close of the 5 Future Archetypes course Anneloes invited participants to join the EARTHwise Membership Community as a way to continue the development of our future-creative skills through the Future Archetypes via the monthly Masterclass teachings and monthly Evolutionary Learning Circle.


Only via respect and care for our unity in diversity can we together birth the next chapter of our collective story as a more evolved version of ourselves.” ~ Anneloes Smitsman, Love Letters from Mother Earth

Thrivability Reflections

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." ~ Carl Jung

For thousands of years people gathered during this time in the year to strengthen their community through storytelling, reflection, and the sharing of visions, dreams, and hopes. As we come to the end of 2019 and are soon starting a new decade 2020-2030, the following questions may support us to enter this new cycle more consciously: 

  • When you look back at 2019 and reflect on your inner development and personal growth, what are the qualities and values that you have been able to bring forth and share with the world? 
  • What are the most important personal lessons you learned this year? 
  • What do you see as the most important collective lessons for us as humanity, and how does this connect with your personal and professional life? 
  • How can you become a tipping point and connect the dots for a thrivability civilization, i.e a civilization that is Life-centred, generative, and committed to stewarding our wellbeing and future possibilities together? 
  • What is the question you are not asking yourself that could make a significant difference for how you complete this year and enter the New Year?

Free Videos and Meditation Gifts for Inspiration


During this time of reflection, we are also exploring how we can best serve our conscious evolutionary growth and development for the New Year. We deeply value your feedback and inputs as part of this reflection. If there are specific programs you would like to see offered through EARTHwise or if there are particular events, initiatives or sessions you like to see more off, please get in touch with Nicola about this via - [email protected]

To join our Evergreen self-paced courses:

  • The Making of the Knight Shield’s with Dr Kurt Barnes:  During this 5-week online course, you have the opportunity to learn from Kurt how to make your personal Shield based on the ancient Chevalier (Knight and Dame) tradition. You may wonder, how can a personal Knight or Chevalier Shield help me? Through this practice of MAKING YOUR PERSONAL SHIELD, Kurt will support you to discover your connection with the invisible realms as the source of your powers. Furthermore, through the making of your Shield and Kurt’s guided meditations, you learn how to manifest who you came here to be and how to bring this forth in the world.
  • The 5 Future Archetypes with Dr. Anneloes Smitsman - In this 7-week online course you learn from Anneloes how to directly access and actualize your evolutionary potential to birth into manifestation the Future that is waiting to be born, for you and our world.  In this course, Anneloes teaches how to use and develop each of the unique creative Archetypal powers of the Wholeness Coder, Future Creative, Evolutionary Catalyst, Pattern Weaver, and New Paradigm Storyteller and how they can catalyze our evolutionary capacities and foster greater Thrivability in our world. These are the capacities she draws upon for all her creative endeavors.
  • The Essence Effect - In this 7 week Creative Journey facilitated by Justine Page, you will discover your unique brand code through the 7-step process of The Essence Effect. These key practices and teachings are based on the EARTHwise Wholeness Code and the wisdom of the Torus, through which you will gain clarity and mastery of the way you present and share what is most important to you, as your creative gift to the world. 

Our Next Membership Masterclass & Evolutionary Learning Circle

The next online Masterclass takes place on January the 2nd and will be facilitated by Anneloes Smitsman to reflect on the inner consciousness states of thrivability to start 2020 consciously and with wisdom. 

The January Evolutionary Learning Circle will take place on January 16th and will be facilitated by Meredith Lowry and Nicola Hoffman, to support implementation and practice of the Masterclass topic. If you would like to join the Masterclass and Evolutionary Learning online sessions please join our Membership program by CLICKING HERE.


On our EARTHwise Website you can find many Thrivability Stories from members of our community and our EARTHwise Team. Here is a short overview of the new Stories that have been added:


Our very best wishes for 2020, and thank you again for being part of our community and living into the deeper questions together with us. Please feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone who you feel could benefit from the inspiration and resources here. 

With Love, 

The EARTHwise Team 

Anneloes, Kurt, Nicola, Justine, Meredith, Alexander, Michael, Kim, and Anna. 



Editors: Anneloes Smitsman (PhD), Dr. Meredith Lowry, Anna Ourusoff and Nicola Hoffman

Video Production: Nicola Hoffman


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