WOMENwise Journeys and the wisdom of fire

As we look around, we can see that the heat is on…in our climate, in our politics, and in the way we relate with each other. Yet this same fire is also within all of us. Imagine what we can change in our world when we remember and accept the power that the element of fire gifts us, and we redirect this power to heal, ignite, and enlighten our world with our love, passion, and compassion. This video below is an invitation to my sisters...

Fire is a sacred gift of life. A creative power for our evolutionary development. Fire gives us warmth,  passion, creative powers, vision, clarity, joy, and helps us to purify, transmute, and rise up in consciousness. That is why in many of our indigenous wisdom traditions, the element of fire is honored as the Sacred Flame of Love.

If we had fully understood this, and had worked respectfully with the power that the element of fire gifts us, our world would be very different right now. Instead, we externalized these powers through our technologies and disconnected the use of power from the wisdom of the heart.

As women, being so close to the creative Source, we have a special responsibility for how we hold, embody, and share this sacred fire. It is time that we lovingly take our responsibility for our relationship with the element of fire and how this manifests in our relationships with each other. And as mothers, we also have a responsibility to teach our children about the purpose of this fire in them.

The heat is on. Let’s work with this to ignite our vision, passion and love to bring forth a new civilization that is born through partnership, in all dimensions. This partnership also includes our brothers. Let us honor also their role and purpose. This same feminine wisdom lives in them as well. As a woman and a mother, this is my commitment and my gift to my children and our world. Remember the future generations in the actions you take today and in the ways you allow fire to manifest within you, your life, and our world. 

My personal WOMENwise journey

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. Ever since I was a little girl, I was closely attuned to the spiritual dimensions of Life with a great interest in alchemy and the explorations of higher consciousness. At the age of 22, I moved to South Africa to study the new democracy making in South Africa, as part of my Masters Degree in International Law and Political Science.

During my time in South Africa, my intuitive development accelerated through a series of unusual and dangerous events. My spiritual powers accelerated quickly with little support for how to work with this, other than my direct access to the cosmic dimensions that had always been open for me.

I went to Australia where I connected with teachers from various wisdom traditions, including the Australian Aborigines, to find support for the quest that had activated within me. Several teachers came on my path who initiated me into the Buddhist Heart Sutra & Dzogchen teachings, Kriya Yoga, the Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher Training, homeopathy, herbalism, vibrational medicines, shamanic visioning and healing, and Australian Aboriginal womanhood initiations. With the support of these wonderful teachers and by taking time to be with this process I started to better understand my own spiritual powers, and learned how to balance myself through these profound activation times. I went on the long journey within and felt how my life was swallowed by the Rainbow Serpent, not knowing how or when I would be able to return to the world. 

I followed an ancient Call from deep within me that led me back to primordial codes and memories that seemed to have been forgotten in our worlds today. What followed was a process of 7 years of inner reflection, purification, meditation, healing, and spending solitary time in nature.

In 2006, I moved from Australia to Mauritius and in 2008 gave birth to my first son, followed by my second son in 2010. During both pregnancies, I had profound experiences with the sacred flame and the inner portals to the Cosmic Womb opened even more fully.

Several years later, my ancestors called me back to Europe and I went on a pilgrimage to return to the spiritual roots of my Merovingian and Druidic ancestors in Europe. As part of this process, I received several initiations and rites of passage,  including Druidic fertility rites with the Goddess, the grail, the Cosmic Mother, the Avalonion High Priestess initiation, the gnostic Knight's rite of passage, the mystical teachings of Mary Magdalene and the Pistis Sophia, and more.  

During that same period, I founded EARTHwise Centre together with my partner Dr. Kurt Barnes to provide the systemic and evolutionary support for planetary wisdom-based governance and conscious leadership for our collective thrivability and flourishing, in community with others.

In 2016, these mystical experiences became the inspiration for writing Love Letters from Mother Earth, and I was shown how to bring back these ancient initiation rites for this time for both women and men. To read my official bio click here.

With Love & Grace, Anneloes Smitsman

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