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Our beautiful planet sustains us with her love and care in many different ways. There is much we can learn from her if we recognise the Wisdom by which she teaches us through the processes of Life. Mother Earth knows how to balance and renew herself. This same power is within each of us. As her children she sustains us and provides the foundations for our growth and evolution. As our planetary Mother she teaches us by the processes of Life, through which we can learn to actualise our Wisdom Nature.

This Life process is not always easily recognised as a natural process of deeper wisdom. It can appear to be full of paradoxes and sometimes painful contradictions. For example, we may have experienced that our appreciation and Love for someone came after they left or died. Sometimes loss triggers the activation of our Love. It’s not always obvious what will be the gift of wisdom in these painful experiences. Yet it seems that quite often we learn more through contrasting and difficult experiences.

Love gives us the power to co-create, like a Mother that has given the power of Life to her child to now continue the evolutionary processes of Life. Yet each act of giving Life also holds within it acts of causing Death or ‘radical’ transformation. When a new life starts, another one ends. When the baby is born from the womb its former life inside the mother ends. The womb that held the baby safe and provided all the nourishment needed for it to grow, after 9 months becomes too small and pushes the baby out to give it a chance to continue to grow outside the womb.

When we honour both Life & Death as gifts of Love we learn how to co-create in balance with the natural cycles of Nature. To bring something into form requires energy. The sum total of energy of our Universe does not change, it merely transforms from one state to another. When we create through the processes of Life we also enact the processes of transformation and change that are part of Death. Each beginning of a new state and form is also the ending of another.

Our gift of Consciousness brings with it another interesting paradox. We can only ignore and reject what we are starting to become aware of. Consciousness provides holistic understanding and awareness. Yet Consciousness that is not yet capable of recognising wholeness, provides only partial recognition. This can become the basis for much suffering. By not seeing the whole and only focusing on part of the full spectrum, we start to project a false and divided view on reality that can give rise to experiences of separation and pain. This pain can become the ignition for searching deeper to reunite us with our essential Wisdom Nature and clearer understanding of the World.

The impulse to go deeper, to seek reunification with the Source of Life by actualising our Essence consciously, is born from the natural processes of Life. The activation of this impulse may happen as a harmonic process of resonance, through love and joy. Yet it can also be triggered through experiences of chaotic dissonance, which catalyse a deeper search for attunement. It’s like when we listen to an orchestra and one of the instruments is deeply out of tune, the recognition of dissonance is only possible because at a deeper level we experience the harmonics of the music, even when the musician or the instrument is not yet capable of bringing it forth.

When we become aware of all these paradoxes we start to understand that people can feel lost in the landscapes of Life. We are not born with a handbook for how to connect with and bring forth our Wisdom Nature. Sometimes we don’t even know that our life may contain within it a precious seed of Wisdom for the actualisation of the Consciousness that we are here to bring forth. To support us on this journey, it may help to work with this Living Wisdom Codex. It is based on 10 guidelines that help us to recognise the deeper principles underneath our experiences, that can help us to the receive the potential Wisdom gifts within each of our experiences.



1. As One we became many.

2. From Love we received the power to co-create through Life & Death.

3. From Harmony we received the power to diversify & reunite.

4. From Wholeness we received the potential for our multi-dimensionality.

5. From Consciousness we received the power to recognise & deny our Essence.

6. From Life we received the impulse for seeking actualisation of our Essence through harmonic resonance & chaotic dissonance.

7. All sentient beings have the intrinsic right to pursue their actualization by the power of Love, in accordance with their unique purpose from the One.

8. All intrinsic rights come with intrinsic responsibilities to safeguard the Sacred Balance that sustains the conditions for Life.

9. This Sacred Balance ensures our collective flourishing through ecological integrity for the good of the Whole.

10. By the application of these sacred principles through sustained acts of Love we actualise our Wisdom Nature.

To further support us to connect more deeply with our Wisdom Nature, I offer you this meditation video that helps us to connect with the Wisdom Council from within. The Wisdom Council represents for me a Universal Wisdom Support System that is always here for all of us to guide us through the landscapes of Life. This Council is beyond any form, beyond any names and cannot be owned or claimed by anyone. It is from this Council that we may learn how to form Councils that are based on these Living Wisdoms. Here is a part of the text from the Meditation that can serve as a further reminder during the lighter and darker days of our life.

From the heart of our Being
We are nourished deeply
By the eternal Source of Wisdom.
From the center of our Being
We connect deeply with the
Unified Field of Consciousness,
From where we naturally experience our unity.
From within the center of our Being
We relax into the essence of our true nature,
Our beautiful Wisdom Nature.
And from this place of deep wisdom,
Beyond time, beyond form,
The beautiful Source of wisdom
Breathes us in and out,
Bringing us home…”

~ Anneloes Smitsman
Universal Wisdom Meditation

The recording of this meditation was made during one of my Wisdom Council sessions with with our partner, United Earth, who had asked me to help them form a Wisdom Council. We thank United Earth for their trust in EARTHwise to support their growth in Wisdom and through ecological integrity. We also thank and acknowledge Christopher Chase, from Tao & Zen and Creative Systems Thinking, for his creative role in the final version of this video by adding the music and these beautiful visuals, and for his valuable input to this article.

Written by Anneloes Smitsman, CEO & Founder EARTHwise Centre.

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