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general wisdom May 07, 2017

Living from our wholeness and remaining inherently integrated while living in a world that is divisional, fragmented and imbalanced can be quite a challenge. People often feel that it is not possible to bring forth their inner wholeness and essential qualities in our human-made worlds. On 2 May 2017 Dr Julie Krull and I had an inspiring conversation on her radio show programme “The Dr. Julie Show: All Things Connected“, which was broadcasted by Empower Radio.

Here are some of the topics that we talked about: The challenges of working with unification processes and how to maintain integrity for the diversity that needs to be honoured as part of that process, the various dimensions of wholeness and integration in our human journey, the different languages of communication and how to build bridges of convergence between those, the relationship between the sacred feminine & masculine principles, why duality is not the same as polarity and why the trinity principle is important to ensure that our duality perception does not become polarised, how to bring your whole Self to the table in all of our relationships and activities and what changes when you do that, and why the most important decision we can make is to decide “there is nothing so important that we need to internally divide”. You can listen to the whole conversation in the video below.



[07:31min]: “What does it mean for us to unite without a loss of cultural diversity… If you unify, and I see this also in many of the groups that are committed to this unification, when we unify or want to bring something back into the wholeness there is also a risk where unique identities can be lost. So, integrity is really important in terms of truly honouring the diversity, and the diverse paths and purposes and to seek collaboration… Listening, understanding that there are different paths towards that unity that we all desire and also long for. To really honour the wholeness in every person, and in every collective.”

[11:13min]: “…I felt there was something I could learn from the Australian Aborigines and their indigenous knowledge systems and ways of being in the world…what really touched me from what they shared with me, is how they were very conscious of these different evolutionary trajectories. They were quite aware also of some of our Western societies even before they had physical contact with us. What they shared with me is that the way that they chose to sustain their culture, and they call themselves also the longest continuous living culture, is that they were very conscious that there is something about the seed of our humanity that they needed to preserve, which is a very deep sense of belonging to the Land. The way they talked about the Land and the Spirit of the Land is that it is a continuous creation process, and that the integrity of that, the integrity of the relationships of the embeddedness within that wholeness, of our right purpose and relationship with the rest of the Web of Life was for them essential and still is today for their sustainability, and our sustainability. Therefore, that seeking of and the maintenance through ritual, through ceremony, and the nourishment of that sacred balance. There is a lot that I learned from them… This has been foundational for my journey.”

[13:53min]: “What we can see in society today is that there are just so many divisions, and these divisions are also deeply within. Starting at a very early age already by the way that we teach our children to focus and what to loose focus off.”

[16:22min]: “They are all different languages. There is the language of music, language of mathematics, the language of nature, of patterns, there is a language around intentions, desires and agendas, there is a language of organisation, there is a language of law. If I want to facilitate that integration and bring forth what is from the unborn world and into concrete form, then I understood that I have to learn all these different languages and how they converge.

[20:06min]: “Quite often when we become imbalanced and start to disconnect from our own wisdom and the deeper wisdom of Life, is when there are other agendas and other impulses that are taking over. When these other impulses and agendas start to drive and influence our perception and how we feel about ourselves and the world around us, our vision can become very fragmented and divided. It is like you loose track then until you get the warning signals and symptoms from your body as well to say “hold on, you have gone off track, come back to your centre”. The most important practice for myself, what has helped me the most, is self-honesty. Is really daring to listen to my heart, daring to really go deeply within myself, and to trust, and also to be okay in the ‘unknown’. To allow paths to be formed by the process of who we are.”

[24:01min]: “In everything there is a convergence…When we go deeper, you always seek for that convergence. My centre point is that we are all human beings. As a human being we come from that evolutionary process, whether I speak with a business-man or with a yogi, they are also of me and I am of them.

[30:40min]: “The way we are taught to see, not naturally see, is to see things in contrast, and to see contrast as a polarity rather than a duality. There is a big difference when we experience something as polarised, we see them as opposite. When we start to see them more as a duality, and then deeper than that if you can see the trinity and the wholeness behind the duality, you start to see it as a wonderful creative tension. The dynamic process that makes manifestation possible. I experience each of those as principles that emerge and play a key role in the created worlds in order to make manifest all these beautiful sacred potentials as a playground for Consciousness to experience ItSelf and by experiencing ItSelf in these multitudes and this beautiful diversity, therefore to become Self conscious.”

[31:46min]: “If we go by the feminine and masculine principles that are within all of us, let us look first at the feminine principle. The sacred feminine principle is often quite misunderstood. There has been a lot of projection as if the feminine principle is passive because we think that receptivity, which is associated with the feminine principle, is a passive quality. It is seen as if the masculine principle is active and the feminine is passive. One of the core qualities of the feminine principle in how it plays and balances with the masculine principle, is that the feminine as the receptive allows that masculine active to be received. In our capacity to really receive and contain, and by containing providing context and boundaries, that active energy becomes Self conscious and Self aware… As the feminine principle to be so receptive and therefore to be able to provide sacred containing. Therefore to provide that context and that boundary, which is why we are so relational, because relationships are boundaries as well which is so crucial to the embodiment. We provide very important feedback if we do this well and in a balanced way, it is from there then that the masculine active principle by having been received and having centred and grounded into that deeper context of the wholeness can then go out and activate what is from that wholeness.

What you can see in the divisions of our world for a long time, is that this masculine principle, this active principle, has been expanding and expanding when we look at our worlds and even our population growth and the material exploitation of our planet. What we have not done is to really listen-in and receive the feedback that our planet and Life are providing to those activities. We hear that “we need the feminine principle”. That does not mean that women need to lead, because it is the feminine principle in men as well. It is time that we really start to integrate and deeply listen to all the feedback that we have generated through our activities, while being one member within the Web of Life, and that our activities have had impact. When we can receive that feedback to the centre of our being and as a species, there is an incredible opportunity to become Self aware through the feminine principle because it is so receptive and because it can provide these boundaries and understands these boundaries. Our context can then provide more accurate guidance and information for how to conduct our activities from that space of integrity and balance.”

[37:36min]: “Love is actually a law. A law of manifestation from that deep unity and wholeness. If we think we need to do this, or be like that or please this person in order to receive love or give love, then the starting point is as if we are empty. When we realise that we are love, then we have the capacity to generate that love, to bring that forth. Your starting point then is the wholeness, the fullness of that. The love is already given, it is not withheld from us, it is not conditional, it is not like ‘if I do this’ then I will lose the love. In fact if we could really trust in that, that ‘this love is here and we are this love and this love is already given’ then it would really change the way we go about our relationships. Sometimes we are so afraid to change the form of a relationship, because we fear that if we change the form we will loose the love, so what we tell ourselves and teach our children is that ‘it has to be in this particular form and this particular way’ otherwise there is no love. So you create fear. But if you truly feel that “I am that love”, and that flame is in me and it is for me to bring that forth, no matter what; every opportunity, difficulty and challenge in my life is another opportunity to activate that potential to bring my love into this world. Relationships change, the forms change, but the love remains; it just has new ways to express itself. Then the love that we feel for ourselves as well is not based on who we think we need to be in life. We fundamentally are that love.”

[40:44min]: “The Alchemy of love. It is the principle of the trinity behind the duality…It is the love from the divine masculine and the divine feminine and the union of that, that brings forth the world of creation. That is a trinity. When we feel that trinity and you can experience that union from the One becoming the masculine and the feminine and then from the masculine and the feminine it is again bringing forth the Spirit of Life in that Flame of Love through that alchemical process, that is such a deep experience of that wholeness and that union, and that we don’t ever loose that by being in the world.”

[42:42min]: “If we look at night in the sky, there is light everywhere, but we only see it when there is an object, then it is reflected. Again the containing principle. This takes you deeper into the darkness into the Mystery, that it is Light as well. What is it that needs to be present within that for it to become Self aware and Self conscious. Again in our human perception quite often we see them (dark and light) as a contrast, we see them as a polarity. Yet the sacred darkness is where the Light is received very deeply, and in the receiving of that Light it becomes aware of ItSelf because it is experienced.”

[45:41min]: “Becoming aware of all these different voices inside ourselves, but not to try to create the script for that. First of all be present to that. Be in that Awareness… Know the Awareness within yourself that allows you to be conscious of those thoughts and feelings and memories. That Awareness in itself is not influenced by those thoughts and feelings. When you realise you have the capacity to be aware of all these different impulses within yourself,.. even if you were to be aware of darkness and be aware of light, awareness itself did not change by that experience of the darkness or the light. When you become aware of Awareness itself as Awareness, and you allow things to rise within that and you see it is not affected by what is rising within that … It is like if we look at a mirror; the mirror reflects everything back that is in the room, but the mirror does not change. Be present in that “I am the mirror like Wisdom”. Know that within our mind a lot of things can reflect back, but a lot of the things that become present in our mind is the afterthoughts, the echo of all that activity that has been taking place. The tendency is that when we start to meditate is that we become aware of that ‘after-thought’ and that echo that we start to get engaged in that, analyse it, or doubt it or judge it, or label it. Be like that mirror, just let it come up, observe it, see it for what it is and then start to see the patterns. Don’t look too much at the form of it. Allow the internal system to relax, because there is a Wisdom inside all of us that knows how to integrate when we work with it, and really trust in that. Trust, there is a Wisdom in you that knows who you are and it knows how to integrate and balance you. Be with that.”

[49:28min]: “Three key questions as a Vector of Love: 1. What is your point of origin – from where do you stand in the world? 2. What is your reach – how deep can you reach inside yourself and reach out; and 3. What are you reaching for – what are you focussing on? That determines the magnitude and therefore the impact of your reach.

[50:21min]: “Firstly, bring your whole Self with you. Very often people are only asked to bring one part of themselves… No wonder when we get home we feel fragmented or tired, or divided. Wherever you are, whatever you do bring your whole Self to the table. Even when certain parts are not actively asked for, let the other parts of yourself be there as the support system. Wherever we go, I bring my whole Self with me and I allow therefore different expressions of myself to come forth. Again receptive and active; there are parts within me that are holding space, while other parts of me may be actively engaging in certain communications and activities, and then there is a balancing and the flexibility to change that. Secondly, know that wherever we are and whoever we are with nothing is predetermined. There are a lot of different potentials all the time. What you focus in on, what you energise with your focus and attention is what you help to bring into being. Be clear about that.”

[52:34min]: “We are that Love, we can bring it forth. Generate what you want to receive from others. You want to have that joy, bring it forth! Share it, don’t wait for others to generate it for you. Be very aware of what potentials, and therefore also what you give direction to. Leadership comes in many different ways, also in terms of the invisible. Be aware of the dynamics that are in different spaces. Honour also your own rhythm….Find a way to replenish yourself. We have those expectations especially in a society where we always feel that we always have to be productive and that it is not okay to switch off. In fact we are far more productive when we can replenish, and have a moment of quietness and listening-in and relaxing.”

[54:58min]: “This is the key: When we give ourselves that permission that I don’t need to internally divide. There is nothing so important that I would need to internally divide.”

[56:05min]: “Celebrate Life, it is precious. Make the most of it. Bring the best of yourself to that. Appreciation.”

~ Anneloes Smitsman

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  • Click here for a preview of the book “Love Letters from Mother Earth”, mentioned in this conversation.

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