Learning for Sustainability at Loreto College

Loreto College Curepipe (LCC) has been part of the EARTHwise Thrivability Education initiatives (formerly the Education for Sustainability programme) since 2011. Since a few years, EfS is now fully implemented in the whole curriculum and has become part of our mainstream education, with the financial support from the Australian High Commission in Mauritius (Australian Aid). Herewith an overview of some of our activities in 2016, which are also summarised in this video:

Meeting with Annie Johnson – Mission Verte

lcc1“Recycling takes a little effort on your part, but makes a difference to the world.”

Loreto College Curepipe had the pleasure to welcome Annie Johnson, representative of mission verte. Mission verte is an NGO which works towards making Mauritius a cleaner island.

The NGO provides selective waste sorting bins which are divided into four compartments for plastic, aluminum, paper and glass bottles. The aim of the meeting was to sensitize the teachers, non-teaching staffs and the students about this project. Also, Mission verte has provided our school with several of these bins.

Presentation of the energy efficiency project


“Knowledge has no value, until you use and share it.”

After having been ranked one among the first five best teams in Mauritius for the Junior Energy Auditing, we had to share our proposals about the various ways to reduce energy consumption.

Nirvashi and Harshini did their presentation in front of headmasters of the regional schools, which form part of the Bureau de l’Education Catholique and the LCC GO GREEN members. Thankfully we were congratulated for our good performance.

Ban Ki-moon’s conference

lcc3“Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all.”

The 9th May 2016 marked a rather special occasion for Mauritius, the Secretary General of the UN was finally here.

Five students from our school were invited to attend his conference which the aim was to raise awareness in youngsters about the current situation of the earth as well as the mission of the UN towards the betterment of the world



Drawing competition

A drawing competition was organized for the form 1 to form 3 students on the theme “my dream for nature” in the context of the Environment Day.

The girls were very motivated as we had 23 participants and wonderful drawings. Each of the participant was rewarded with a certificate.

The Environment Day

“We make the world we live in and shape our own environment.”

To mark the Environment Day at school on the 5th June, the LCC GO GREEN members did their best to make this day memorable. First of all, we did our board which represented the four elements-water, fire, nature and air. We have also used dried leaves for the background.

Next, we had set up a Dream Tree which was made with dried branches. The students were encouraged to write about their dream of nature at school and tied it on the branches. Then, the executive members of the club went in lower classes to sensitise the students about the methods to protect the environment. As a symbol, each student received a leaf cut from newspapers.

Our Eco-Retreat at Le Morne Heritage- UNESCO


Have fun while learning the historical significance of Le Morne Heritage which was home to runaway slaves and maroons who sought to escape the suffering and atrocities of slavery.

We had the pleasure to explore the beauty of nature through wonderful views, especially the lagoon. Destroying such a gift of nature would be a huge mistake. This outing has motivated us to keep going on our work towards a cleaner and safer world.

This newsletter has been prepared by Harshini Ramahotar – Public Relation Officer at LCC, with inputs from LCC EfS Mentor and Coordinator Zaahirah Koheeallee and the LCC Go Green Student Club.

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