Thrivability Compass - August 2019

thrivability compass Aug 03, 2019

First of all, we would like to thank you for being part of our EARTHwise Community. We hope that EARTHwise Community is a place for you where you can bring forth your unique skills, vision, love, and creativity for the co-creation of a world and future where all of us can thrive and blossom. It is our commitment to support you in developing your capacity to THRIVE and to support you in finding and developing your unique contribution to what is quickly becoming the most important Call for Humanity to Unite for - the Healing & Thrivability of Our Planet & Future.

In our Thrivability Compass Newsletter, we wish to share with you practical ideas, inspiration, wisdom resources and programs that can support you to thrive and flourish in community with each other. We will also share with you here what is emerging from our Community, and how you can participate in our upcoming events and programs.


Our Transition Plan for a Thrivability Civilization

EARTHwise Centre is deeply committed to providing systemic wisdom support and leadership for the transition to a Thrivability Civilisation, and go beyond mere sustainability. Our growth model for becoming able-to-thrive; personally, collectively, and systemically, is founded on the Ph.D. research of our EARTHwise Founder & CEO Anneloes Smitsman. She carried out this Ph.D. research via Maastricht University, the Netherlands, and EARTHwise Centre. Through this Ph.D. research, she has developed a 7 Steps Transition Plan for a Thrivability Civilisation, which we also apply within EARTHwise. Through this Transition Plan, we redefine how we look at progress, success, value, and growth.  To learn more about this please CLICK HERE to see the presentation.  

Our Value Currencies™

As part of our EARTHwise Thrivability Growth Model, Anneloes developed a value creation system called Value Currencies™. LUX* Resorts and Hotels was the first company who adopted this methodology through the training we provided for them. More organisations are now asking for us to provide training in how they can develop their unique Value Currencies. We like to take this opportunity here to also introduce our EARTHwise Value Currencies™, which forms the foundation for our Value Commitment to you, our world, and our planet. CLICK HERE to learn more about our Value Currencies. To learn more about our Value Currencies training program, CLICK HERE. 


Through this section, we’d like to share with you the wisdom, personal experiences, and inspiration that support us to thrive, instead of merely surviving.

"Who are we as a species? Now the stakes are really high. The dynamics have changed. When you go through the birth canal you have to have the coherence and the courage, that is what it takes to go through the birth canal. We live in miraculous times." ~ Lawrence Bloom, Secretary-General, Be Earth Foundation and Chairman, Dakia Global Enterprise.  

Free Video Gifts for Inspiration

  • WHAT MAKES YOU THRIVE - Nicola Hoffman interviews Jon Ramer, Sommer Ramer, Justine Page, Alexander Laszlo, and Anne Bullen with the question, what makes you thrive? A short impactful video, full of personal inspiration. 
  • WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM NATURE TO THRIVE - Evolution Biologist and Futurist Dr Elisabet Sahtouris, and EARTHwise Founder Anneloes Smitsman (Ph.D.c) explore what we can learn from our living systems for a thrivability civilisation. This conversation forms part of the PhD research by Anneloes. 
  • INDIGENOUS WISDOM FOR OUR CHILDREN - Mohawk Turtle Clan Woman Diane Longboat shares how we can better support our children by teaching them the language of the Land, and the unique gifts that our children bring forth for our current transition time.
  • NEW NARRATIVES FOR A NEW TIME - with Dr Jean Houston, Anneloes Smitsman, Lawrence Bloom, Dr Jude Currivan, Dr Ervin Laszlo, and Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr.
  • THE PATTERN TO THRIVE - by Anneloes Smitsman, for connecting with the wisdom from our future. 


The Leadership Quest Online Program

We just completed the live online Leadership Quest for 2019, with participants from 11 different countries. The next live Leadership Quest will take place in January 2020. We have now made this into an evergreen program, which means that you can enrol at any time and enjoy all the recordings from the previous sessions at your own time and leisure AND receive guaranteed access to any of the future Leadership Quests at no additional cost. In other words, if you enrol now, you will receive full access to all the resources from the Leadership Quest 2019 + your enrolment to the live Leadership Quest 2020 and any future Leadership Quests. CLICK HERE for more information. Below you find two messages from our last Leadership Quest participants and why they recommend this online program so highly.

The world today needs Evolutionary Leaders to navigate the rapidly increasing Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity caused by ecological changes as a result of the Anthropocene. Our current leaders are simply unable to cope with the coming changes. If you feel called as an Evolutionary Leader but don't know where to start, I know of no better resource to turn to than EARTHwise Centre's Leadership Quest Program. Not only will your life be changed beyond your wildest imagination, but those you lead will also be transformed. Please, for the sake of future generations, answer your calling and accept the challenge of The Leadership Quest. Our world needs you, now more than ever.” ~  Michael Haupt, Architect of Coherence, Tipping Point Festival

After many years spent in the corporate world, I was seeking support for moving into a new phase of leadership - a phase devoted to planetary service, grounded in ancient wisdom, incorporating new scientific understandings, and open to emerging potentials. This is exactly what I experienced with the Leadership Quest. These themes were beautifully interwoven throughout the Quest experience, and the entire experience was held within a deeply supportive field of love, trust and support. To me, this community feels like a family of potential collaborators, a family of fellow explorers happily adventuring on the learning edge of planetary evolution. And that brings me great joy!” ~ Nancy Chinlund

Our Membership Online Program

“I chose to become an EARTHwise member because I want to continue learning through the monthly Masterclasses about the future archetypal wisdom needed to help our Earth, as well as to stay in conversation with the wonderful people from the Quest.  In supporting what EARTHwise offers, I have found an organization I can fully say “Yes” to.” ~ Elisabet Van Der Horst

In June we launched our EARTHwise Membership Program through which you can participate in our Monthly Masterclasses each first Wednesday of the Month; have access to recorded meditations, select video conversations with experts from around the world, receive discounts for upcoming courses, and more.  Based on the positive feedback about our Study Group of the last Leadership Quest, we have now also added monthly Evolutionary Learning Circles where you can deepen your practice in community with others. All of this is accessible for a small investment, which helps EARTHwise continue giving scholarships to people who could otherwise not afford our programs and continue our EARTHwise Projects. CLICK HERE if you like to join our EARTHwise Membership program.

EARTHwise membership is invaluable.  Its monthly Masterclasses and Evolutionary Learning Circles offer a wealth of resources, and a space for generative conversations and developing collaborative projects together so we can bring the Thrivable Future we know is possible into being.” ~ Justine Page 


Free Webinars

JOIN THIS FREE 60 MIN WEBINAR with Dr Kurt Barnes on August 21st, at 10am PDT to discover why the Shield is essential to Knighthood, and why this matters especially today.  Kurt will share through this webinar how the knowledge for making the Shield of the Knight can help YOU manifest who you really are. Through this unique webinar, you can learn more about the ancient tradition of Knighthood and the importance and language of the Shield. Kurt comes from a long unbroken tradition. Kurt uses few words in his teaching yet very effective methods for taking people directly into life-changing shifts of consciousness. This is a webinar to EXPERIENCE. During this webinar you will also find out how you can join the upcoming 5-weeks online course with Dr. Kurt Barnes for making your personal Knight's Shield. CLICK HERE to book your free seat now.

JOIN THIS FREE 90 MIN WEBINAR with Anneloes Smitsman on August 27, at 10am PDT to discover and explore together how we can learn from OUR FUTURE to become creative for a world that works for all of us. During this free webinar, Anneloes will also share with you about her upcoming and much-awaited online program THE FUTURE ARCHETYPES.  During the webinar you will also learn how you can bring your optimum possibility into being through the Future Archetypes. These amazing Archetypes are emerging now to guide us into the next stage of our evolutionary becoming. CLICK HERE to book your free seat now.

Our Next Membership Masterclass

Our next Masterclass takes place on August 7th, at 10am PDT, and will be facilitated by Anneloes Smitsman. This Masterclass will focus on leadership practices for transformational change. Through this Masterclass Anneloes will share with you some of the key practices that she has applied for developing her evolutionary leadership abilities. She will also share with you how you can help transform the systemic barriers that are blocking our thrivability. If you would like to join this upcoming Masterclass, please join our Membership program CLICK HERE


On our EARTHwise Website you can find many Thrivability Stories from members of our community and our EARTHwise Team. The last story that has been added is an article by Anneloes, which provides a brief overview and summary of her PhD research and her Transition Plan to a Thrivability Civilisation. To read more CLICK HERE. 

Supporting Our Friend Dame Kim Conrad to Thrive

Our dear friend and EARTHwise Team member, Dame Kim Conrad, needs our help to recover from a serious car accident so that she can continue to share her amazing gifts with the world and receive the medical support to THRIVE. We would really appreciate if you can support Kim through her campaign, CLICK HERE to learn more.  


Thank you again for being part of our community. Please forward this newsletter to anyone who could benefit from the inspiration and resources provided here. There is an African saying that says, If you want to travel fast, then travel alone. If you want to travel far, then travel together. At EARTHwise Centre our focus is on travelling together so that we can travel far into the future on the foundations that support each of us and Life to thrive. Thank you for travelling with us.

With Love, 

The EARTHwise Team 



Editors: Anneloes Smitsman and Kim Conrad

Video Production: Nicola Hoffman


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